How to See Missed Calls when Phone is on Airplane Mode Android


There is a condition that warrants users to view missed calls on their android devices if there are any at all. When your phone signal is port, of cause you won’t be able to pick up the incoming call at all and that will end up becoming a miss call on your phone.

But it is entirely different when it comes to your phone being on flight mode, calls on flight mode are generally not valid. So let’s check to know how to view Missed Calls when the Phone is on Airplane Mode on an Android device if possible.


How to See Missed Calls when Phone is on Airplane Mode Android


There is nothing like how to See or view Missed Calls when the Phone is on Airplane Mode on an Android device. Airplane Mode is switching off all network activities as much as a dead or switched-off phone although afterward notification is possible if a “Missed Call Alert” service is activated.

An Airplane mode is a Settings that turns off all radio communication, phone call service, and all internet service as well. Although doing this can eventually help preserve your phone battery and it kind of really work more than the “Do Not Disturb mode” where you can still view missed calls.


Can I See Missed Calls when Phone is on Airplane Mode


No. There is no way you can see or view missed calls when your phone is on Airplane mode during the call. Airplane Mode is switching off all network activities although afterward notification is possible if a “Missed Call Alert” service is activated.

You can still access other phone features except for all those that need a network connection to function. Still can be able to view pictures, and videos and access a camera on your phone, and still can be able to run apps that do not require an internet connection to function.


How to Know if Someone Has Their Phone on Airplane Mode


In the same way, you know if someone’s phone is turned off or busy with another call, you can be able to tell if their phones are on flight mode. There are replies for all networks each time the number you are trying to call is on flight mode, so pay attention.

To know if someone has their phones on Airplane Mode, there are two possible responses you will be receiving. “The Number you are Calling is Switched Off” is the reply you get each time the person you are calling turns off their phone while still having a network.

But when you hear “Number You are Calling is not Reachable” then you know that the number is on flight mode. Possible put on flight mode due to bad or lack of network, that should alert you not to keep on calling but to wait till they turn off the airplane Mode on a later date.


Do You Get Missed Calls When Your Phone is off


There is no missed call that you will be getting whenever your phone is turned off, you only see missed calls when your phone is ON. Your phone does not keep any record of a phone call long as the call does not fall through because the phone was turned off out of reach.

The only way you can tell is if they drop a voicemail, which will drop in form of a voice message once you turned ON your phone. Some devices support an afterward notification but that will require you to turn On the “Missed Call Alert” service and leave it activated.


Will You Get Messages After Airplane Mode is off


Well, the answer to this question depends on how long your phone is on Airplane mode and how long the carrier can hold on to the message in the network. All undelivered messages will eventually get deleted from the system completely.

So Yes you can still get messages after Airplane mode is off, especially after a flight and finally allowed to turn the flight mode OFF. But as long as the message is still within the time range, there is every chance for it to be delivered once you turned it back off.

But all thanks to airplane Mode all network-depending apps are shut down though momentarily but still good for your phone’s health. At least all the load and focus on the battery life is reduced for a short while, preferably to even turn it off for a little battery boost.


Can You Receive Calls on Airplane Mode with Wifi on


There is not much deliberation on not having airtime to make a phone call anymore, WiFi Calling is just a step away. You can connect your iPhone or Android device to a WiFi network and still make a WiFi Calling at the same rate you would do using your airtime.

Once you have enabled your Wi-Fi calling feature, you don’t have to do anything else as every other thing takes part automatically. Just know that the cost of the call rest on your Data Plan, so be sure to have enough Data Plan, to begin with.


How to Know if Someone Has Their Phone on Airplane Mode Iphone


If you want to know if someone is in airplane mode, you can simply ask them if they are. If they say yes, then they are on plane mode. Another way to tell is to look at their phone screen and see if they have a picture of a plane or an airport.

If the person has their phone in airplane mode, it will be dark with no background images or anything else that might give away that the person is on airplane mode.


Can You See Missed Calls When Your Phone is Off?


This is a question that many people ask when their phone battery dies. The answer to this question is “No, you cannot see missed calls when your phone is off”.

This is because the screen on your phone does not light up when there are missed calls or messages waiting for you on your device. However, if you are using an iPhone, then you can check the call history even when your screen is off by going to the Settings app > Phone > Call History.


How Do You Reach Someone on Airplane Mode?


Airplane mode is a state in which your phone has no access to cell networks or Wi-Fi. This means that there is no way for anyone to contact you while you are in airplane mode. It also means that you can’t use any apps or messages while in airplane mode.

There are many ways in which people can reach someone who is in airplane mode. One way is by using an app like Signal – an encrypted messaging app – where users can send texts and voice messages through their phone number rather than through the internet.



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Airplane mode is a feature on iPhone and Android devices that comes with a lot of restrictions for smartphone users. There is nothing like receiving missed calls or text messages once the Airplane function is turned ON on your iPhone or Android device.

The text message may be an exception but online when it still falls within the time range else it gets deleted completely from the system. If you looking for How to view Missed Calls when a Phone is on Airplane Mode on an Android then know that you can’t as there is no call record received nor saved.

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