How To See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Account


While you were scrolling through your Instagram post feeds, you came across an account that you seem to have seen before.

As a result of this, several thoughts began running through your mind. Could it be this person has created a new Instagram account or has the previous one got hacked? 🤔, or maybe, this person has created multiple Instagram accounts.

These thoughts kept running through your mind without any glimpse if the person had created another Instagram account or not.

Well, if you are enthusiastic to know, if such a person had created multiple Instagram accounts, then you have to keep reading.


How To See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Account



How To See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts


How do you know if someone has created multiple Instagram accounts? 

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide any internal tool(s) that can help you hover around this intent.

However, since there isn’t any acceptable way of detecting if a person has multiple Instagram accounts, there are several hacks and tricks that you can try out in knowing if a person has created multiple Instagram accounts.


How To See If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Account


Trick #1 Using The Instagram App


Yes, Instagram! Do you know that you can see if a person has created multiple Instagram accounts, by using only the Instagram app?

The Instagram app comes with an entire search feature that enables you to search for basically anything on Instagram, ranging from Instagram posts, videos, trending photos, and so on.

However, the Instagram app search feature isn’t limited to searching for posts or so only,

You can also use the Instagram app to check if an account exists or not, or if such person has created multiple Instagram accounts.

All you have to do is straightforward.

Log in to your Instagram account, hover to the search feature on the app, at to top of the screen, and enter the person’s name (I mean the person who you want to check if he/she has created a multiple Instagram account)

Once you have inputted the person’s name on the search field, tap enter, and you will see a list of accounts with a similar username.

If the person is using the same profile picture on another account it could be easier for you to identify if such person has created multiple accounts or not.

However, this trick may not be as accurate as you expected. Because, if you had experience with search results showing multiple Instagram accounts linked with the same person.

Such an account might not have been created by such a person, cases would be that these multiple Instagram accounts might have been created by random persons.

Probably people trying to impersonate the said person. At this stage, you need to employ all your intellectual prowess in making evaluative judgments of these search results.

Also if truly this person had created multiple Instagram accounts, there might be some occurrence of making some notable tweaks on the account visibility.

You might not be able to see certain things associated with this account if the person had modified the privacy settings on the account.

In terms of:

  • Who can see the account profile picture
  • Changing the account to a private Instagram account
  • And so on.


Several variables can be measured in identifying the feasibility that someone has created multiple Instagram accounts, via Instagram.

Some of these measures are as follows:

  1. The profile picture of the person
  2. The Bio linking
  3. The Photos and Videos
  4. Location and so on.


Trick #2 Using Google


Google undoubtedly is the most used website available, because of its amazing web crawlers and algorithms, people often rely on the search query results of Google.

Google itself can be useful in knowing if someone has created multiple Instagram accounts.

With the help of keyword research, you can target your search entries to a particular person on Instagram.

This is because the results of google depend largely on the keyword you used.

Let’s say you are trying to figure out if a person named John Dols has multiple Instagram accounts. 

All you have to do is to go to Google and enter either of these keywords “John Dols Instagram”, “John Dols on Instagram“, or “Instagram: John Dols account“. 

The results of Google will be featured on Instagram accounts related to John Dols.

But if you had just imputed “John Dols” on Google, without including Instagram, Google might get your search results from elsewhere, which might end up not relevant to your search intentions.

Google also offers other features like image search, video searches, and so on, you can make full utilization of these features to help you get search results tailored to your search intents.

Once your search results are displayed, you can scan through the results, to check out similar accounts related to the name you have entered in Google.

Google makes things easier by providing internal links linked to the target’s account, sometimes you might be required to log in to your Instagram account before you can fully access the account profile details.


Trick 3: Check Account’s Followers


You can also check the followers of the account, most of the time, you might see the other accounts following the main account.

If a person had created multiple accounts on Instagram, such person might want to link all his accounts together, by following each account.

Therefore, checking the account’s followers can be the best way to reveal multiple accounts linked to a person.

However, this trick might not be as accurate as you may think, sometimes you might end up not getting the other account(s) following the account.

So, therefore, you are left to your fate.


Trick #4 Check Other Social Media Linking


People often have up to three to four social media accounts, for example, Person A might have an account with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, And Instagram.

If you have access to other social media accounts, you can use that way to check out external links, that might be linked to Instagram.


How to Find out If Someone Has More than 1 Instagram Account in 2022


There are several ways to find out if someone has more than one Instagram account.

However, some of the methods may not be as effective as you might think.

Also, people claim that tools like mSpy can be helpful, Yea! This third-party application can be helpful to know if someone has more than one Instagram account, though some tools come with a premium package.

If you want to know if someone has more than 1 Instagram account, then you can head back to this section: How to find out if someone has created more than one Instagram account 


How to Find out If Someone Has a Secret Instagram Account


If a person has a secret Instagram account, there is a tendency that such person might have set their account private.

Once an account is set to private, you might not be able to explicitly have access to the account details.


Here is how you go about it:

If you know the person’s name, enter the name in the search input field on Instagram, if you found out the account is private, you can read how to…..

Else, hit the follow button, to follow the person.

But this may not always be as you planned or expected, someone who has a secret account might not accept any Instagram followership request.


How to See if Someone Has Instagram


If you want to know if someone has an Instagram, you can do that by searching for the person on Instagram.

All you need to do is:

If you have the person’s name or username at hand, you can enter it on Instagram, and tap the enter button on your keyboard.

If the person has an account, you are going to see the account listed in the search results.

If the account isn’t listed, then it could be that the person doesn’t have an Instagram account.

In a case, where you need to contact the person as soon as possible, you can try it out, on other social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter.


Check If Two Accounts Follow Each Other On Instagram


If you want to know if two accounts are following each other on Instagram, you can know that by going to both of the accounts’ followers.

From there you can identify if they are following each other or not.


How To Know How Many Instagram Accounts You Have


Are you trying to figure out how many accounts you have created? Probably, trying to know all the accounts you have created right from incense.

Well, Instagram won’t notify you that “Hi, John, you have 3 Instagram accounts with us” Never!!

But you can identify how many Instagram you have created, by measuring certain variables.

First of all, you need to ask yourself, “Have I created another Instagram account older than the one I use today?”

Or “I am seeing an account with similar details to I, does it mean I have created another Instagram account, Unknowingly?”

These are questions you need to ask yourself if you have created an Instagram account and you can’t figure it out. fine, all you have to do is to hover down to the Instagram app.

Under the search queries field, type in your name, and analyze the search results.

In a case where you are sure that you haven’t created an Instagram account, but you are seeing an account using similar details to you.

It could be that you have been impersonated by someone you don’t know, so you can Report The Account to Instagram.



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Figuring out if someone has created multiple Instagram accounts can be difficult, especially if you don’t have access to a better guide or article that explains the process.

After identifying that there are several articles out there that explain how to see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts, it’s unfortunate that only a few can buttress this comprehensively.

In this article, I have explained in detail, with literal examples how to see if someone has created multiple Instagram accounts.

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