How To Save A Tiktok Draft To Camera Roll


Saving your TikTok videos as drafts is something inevitable. Most times, while editing your videos on TikTok, and you need to take a break, you will likely want to save it as a draft.

If you already had some drafts on your account, you will certainly need to backup them, to avoid them getting lost.

Drafts are also prone to get lost, therefore, if not properly backed up, you might end up losing your drafts.

Hence, to save your TikTok drafts to the camera roll, you need to change who can see your TikTok videos to only me, then post them privately on TikTok.


How To Save A Tiktok Draft To Camera Roll


No one will be able to see your TikTok video draft, because you have set it to private.

Videos on drafts are somewhat helpful to you in some cases. You can use the screen recorder to record the screen while opening the video on the TikTok drafts folder.

There isn’t any official way to save your TikTok drafts, making many TikTok users marvel at how they can save their TikTok drafts to camera roll.

Therefore in this article, you will learn how you can Save your TikTok drafts to the camera roll.


How To Save Tiktok Drafts To Camera Roll


Save Tiktok Drafts To Camera Roll


Saving TikTok drafts to camera roll isn’t as difficult as you may think, it takes only a few simple steps.

To save your drafts in TikTok can be done in the following steps:


Step 1: Change Your Audience To Only Me

Before you can save your TikTok drafts to the camera roll, you need to change who can watch your videos to only me.

Once you open your TikTok draft folder, then, select the video which you want to edit and post.

A new window will be displayed, where you can continue your editing, however, on this page, tap on who can watch this video, and select Only me from the listed range.

Why you are changing who can watch your videos to Only me, is because once set to Only me other people won’t be able to see your TikTok draft.

Note: TikTok drafts aren’t the original post.


Step 2: Enable Save to Device

Before you can save your TikTok drafts to the camera roll you need to enable save to device in TikTok.


Step 3: Post The Video

Once you have changed the audience to Only me. That is, restricting all your TikTok followers from being able to see the draft.

Then, you can proceed to post the video, tap the Post button, then your video will be posted, and will be visible to you only.


Step 4: Save the Video

Once you have posted the video on TikTok, then you can save the video on your device.

But first, you need to turn on the save to device option. Once you have saved your video on your device, it will then be saved to your camera roll.

Also, once you have saved your TikTok draft on the camera roll, it will come with the TikTok watermark.


How Do I Save A Tiktok Draft To My Camera Roll Without Posting It?


Navigate to the video you want to save, and follow the steps below:


  • Step 1: Tap on the video you want to save.
  • Step 2: On the video page, tap Next to open the editing page.
  • Step 3: Change the Who can watch this video option to Only Me.
  • Step 4: Enable Save to a device.
  • Step 5: Tap on Post to post the video privately and save it without posting.


Can You Save A Tiktok Draft On Your Phone Without A Watermark?


Whenever you save a TikTok video on your device, it comes with the TikTok watermark, However, if you want to delete the TikTok watermark you have to use the online watermark remover. TikTok Online Remover

You can tap the share button, to copy the link of the video and paste it into a TikTok watermark remover.


Does Tiktok Delete Your Drafts When You Get A New Phone?

Draft videos will not be saved to your device if you have uninstalled the application.

However, if you try to log in via another phone, or by Reinstalling the TikTok application, you still won’t be able to recover your drafts.

Therefore, TikTok won’t save your drafts, if you get a new phone.



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Video Guide







It isn’t difficult to save your TikTok drafts to camera roll, however, it is also important to always back up your drafts, otherwise, you might lose them.

Saving your drafts after posting them, isn’t a good method, because you are more likely going to experience the TikTok watermark showing on your video after you have saved it.

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