How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot On iPhone [BEST WAY]


Are you wondering how you can remove scribbles on a screenshot on an iphone? If yes, then this article is right for you. I will be showing you all the hacks and tricks that can help you remove these annoying drawings or writings from your screenshots.

Scribbles do occur whenever you take a screenshot on an iPhone, these drawings can therefore be annoying.

Most of the time, the difficulty in removing scribbles in the screenshot, relies on the color of the scribbles.

Scribbles that are red or have a kinda too obvious color, might take a longer time to remove.

Several online and offline tools can help you get rid of scribbles on screenshots. Though these tools might require a little knowledge about how they work.


How To Remove Scribbles On A Screenshot On iPhone


Offline tools, like Photoshop, and Gimp are popular desktop Applications that can help you remove scribbles easily.

Tools like Photopea and Touch Retouch can also help you repair your screenshots on your iPhone.

Even with your mobile phone, you can remove a scribble. Several mobile applications can help you get these drawings off, such as Photoshop Express, Snapseed, and the like.

In this article, I will be showing you several amazing tools that can help you remove scribbles on a screenshot you’ve made on your iPhone.


How to remove scribbles on screenshots on iphone


As mentioned earlier, there isn’t any way you can get this off, right within your iPhone device, therefore, the best way is to use a third-party Application, either mobile or desktop, or even a website.

Some websites provide extremely effective features that can help you remove scribbles easily.

While others might require technical know-how, on how the application is being used.

Here are some of the curated Applications that can help you remove scribbles.


  • TouchRetouch

With TouchRetouch you can remove scribbles from a screenshot. The TouchRetouch Application is available on both Android and iOS-based devices.

TouchRetouch isn’t a free app, it offers premium functionalities, with a one-time payment of 1.99$.

Tap Buy and confirm your payment option and other available information, TouchRetouch will be automatically installed on your device.


  • Photoshop

With the stamp clone tool feature available on Photoshop you can remove scribbles from a screenshot.

The stamp clone tool can help you replace the scribbles part with the normal background of the screenshot.

However, Photoshop isn’t a mobile app or web application, but can only be used if you have a laptop or a computer.

Also, it isn’t a free application, it comes in a variety of packages, either monthly, or yearly, with a stamp price.


  • GIMP

Gimp is also another raster software available that can help you remove scribbles on a screenshot.

GIMP also is a desktop application, and can, therefore, be used only on a laptop or desktop computer.

With the Gimp Applications, you can use the clone tool, to replace the part of the scribbles, with a part from the background of the screenshot.

Gimp is similar to Photoshop and is completely free to use.


  • Clip Paint Studio

Clip paint studio offers a variety of features that can be a handful when removing scribbles from a screenshot.

The clip paint studio is a desktop application and has been used for painting.

Clip paint studio offers a large library of brushes that can help you remove scribbles easily, and it’s available on both Mac and windows.

Clip paint studio is mostly used for painting, and therefore not a photo editing software.

But provides a useful set of brushes that can help you repair a screenshot.


  • Adobe Photoshop Fix

If you are looking for a mobile application that can help you get Scribbles removed from your screenshots, you might want to try out Adobe Photoshop Fix.

With the Adobe Photoshop Fix, you don’t necessarily need a laptop or a desktop computer before you can remove scribbles from the screenshot.

It comes with extremely Great features that can help repair your screenshots.

Adobe Photoshop Fix is free and is available on both android and iOS.


The above are the most trusted Applications, but there are still other mobile Applications that can help you remove scribbles from screenshots, like Snapseed, Adobe Lightroom, and so on.

While websites like Photopea can also be helpful.


How Do I Remove Scribbles from My Screenshot?


You can remove scribbles from the screenshot, with several applications such as Photoshop, Gimp, and so on.

These Applications contain a great Library of features that can help you remove scribbles.

Although not all are free, some require a one-time payment, while others are based on subscriptions.


How Do You Remove Pen Scribbles from A Picture?


There are a few ways to remove scribbles from screenshots. One way is to use a photo editing program, such as Photoshop or GIMP, to erase the scribbles. Another way is to use a website or online tool that can remove the scribbles for you.


How Can I Erase a Painting from A Screenshot to See What Is Behind?


If you want to erase a painting from a screenshot to see what is behind it, there are only a few apps that can help you achieve this.

Using the Paint.Net, you can remove a painting and see what it’s behind. Paint.Neti is free.

You can click the Magic Wand then click the black part of your image, then press Delete on your keyboard.


How to Remove Scribbles on Screenshots for Free

Most applications that possess the prowess of removing scribbles are paid Applications, however, you can try out Gimp, or even Adobe Photoshop Fix.



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There isn’t any definitive way to get rid of scribbles on screenshots on the iPhone, iPhone doesn’t offer any app or feature that can help you hover around this.

But the best option you might want to consider is using a third-party application, several third-party applications can as such be helpful to you in removing scribbles from screenshots.

While some are free others are paid. Though free, it offers exclusive features that can be useful.

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