How to Post Videos on Instagram Without Cropping


There are a few different ways to post videos on Instagram without cropping. The first one is to post the video in a square format so that the video will automatically be cropped.

The second way is to use an app called InstaSize which will allow you to upload your video and then it will be cropped for you automatically. This article will cover all about how to post videos on Instagram without cropping.


Why Is My Instagram Video Zoomed In


There are many reasons why Instagram videos may be zoomed in. It could be an issue with the app, the phone, or the video recording device.

Some phones have a zoom function that is always on, which can result in zooming in on all videos taken with them.

The video recording device may also be at fault if it is unable to capture the whole scene. A common example of this would be a camera that cannot take photos of objects close to it.

Lastly, there might be an issue with the Instagram app itself and it is not able to show the entire view of your screen when you record a video.


How to Post Videos on Instagram Without Cropping


Instagram is a social media platform that has grown in popularity over the years. It is now the second most popular social media platform after Facebook. It allows users to post pictures and videos on their profiles. The video feature was introduced in October 2013 and it has increased in popularity with time. There are many ways to post videos on Instagram without cropping them. This article will list these methods with step-by-step instructions so that you can easily upload your videos without cropping them on Instagram.

  1. Save your video on the camera roll and then upload it on Instagram.
  2. Use the crop function once you are done uploading your videos.
  3. Adjust the crop to fit the Instagram frame size by dragging and dropping a corner of it on the screen.
  4. Save your edited video on the camera roll and upload it to Instagram again.


How To Post Multiple Portrait Photos On Instagram


You can post two portrait photos on Instagram by using the following steps:

  1. Open the first photo in your camera roll and tap the square button to open it up on Instagram.
  2. Tap the “Add Another Photo” button, then select the next photo from your camera roll and tap “Done”.
  3. Adjust each photo’s position before posting them by dragging them around with one finger, or by tapping on a corner of a photo to move it around with two fingers.


How To Make Pictures Fit On Instagram Without Cropping 2022


The problem of fitting pictures on Instagram is not a new one. The social media platform has always had a strict square image ratio, which means that photos need to be cropped to fit the frame.

This is where the new update will come in handy, as it will allow for full-screen photos without any cropping. The new feature will let users post images that are up to four times larger than the original size, and they’ll still be able to see them at the same resolution.

Users who take pictures with their phones can also take advantage of this feature by using an app like Camera+ or Photo Editor Pro.



How to Post Videos on Instagram Without Cropping

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How To Post Tiktok On Instagram Without Cropping


The TikTok app is a social media app that allows users to upload and share short videos with their followers. It has become immensely popular over the past year, with an estimated 200 million monthly active users as of September 2018.

The app’s popularity has led to several people wanting to post their TikTok videos on other social media platforms, such as Instagram.

There are two ways to post TikTok videos on Instagram:

  • Upload the video from TikTok to Instagram without cropping it
  • Upload the video from TikTok and crop for it to fit into a square frame. Both methods have their pros and cons; however, if you want your video to be seen by more people then uploading the video without cropping is your best bet.


Uploading the video without cropping it will allow for a larger video to be posted on your profile, but if the square frame is too small this may cause people to have difficulty viewing it.


Can You Post Longer Than 1 Minute On Instagram 2022?


In the future, it might be possible for brands to post longer than 1 minute on Instagram. The company is currently testing a new feature that allows users to post up to 10 minutes of video.

The new feature is rolling out to a small number of users and will be available globally in the coming months.

Instagram’s move towards longer videos has been predicted by many experts in the past few years. Instagram wants people to stay on the app for longer and watch more ads.


Why Is There No IGTV On My Instagram?


IGTV is a video-sharing app for Instagram. It was launched on June 20, 2018, and it was designed to be a “new, immersive experience for watching the long-form video”.

The app is currently only available for iOS and Android devices.

IGTV has been live for about two months now and many people are still wondering why it’s not available on their Instagram app. The answer is that IGTV is not yet available on the web or desktop versions of Instagram, which means that you can’t watch videos from your computer’s browser.


How Many Followers Do You Need To Do IGTV?


In 2018, Instagram launched IGTV, which is an app where users can post videos up to 60 minutes long. The main difference between IGTV and other video apps like YouTube or Facebook is that IGTV videos don’t autoplay and they have to be watched in full-screen mode.

Influencers are big on this new app because it allows them to create longer content and get more engagement than they would on other platforms. They can also use it as a way to promote their products without having to worry about running out of content ideas because of the length limitations of videos.

The average number of followers needed for someone to become an influencer is 20,000. The app does not allow people to monetize content or run ads in their videos as of yet, but there are plans for that feature in the future.


Video Guide






The best way to post videos on Instagram without cropping is to upload the video in landscape orientation. This will allow you to post a video that is longer than one minute without cropping.

If you have any questions about how to post videos on Instagram without cropping please ask using the comments section. Please don’t forget to share this article.

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