How to Make Someone’s iPhone Ring When It’s On Silent (2 Ways)


In today’s article, I will be showing you how you can make someone’s iphone ring even when it’s on silent


Are you wondering how you can make your friend’s iPhone ring even when it’s on silent mode? Once an iPhone is set on silent, it won’t ring aloud.

Several ways can make an iPhone ring even when it’s on silent mode, either using an App like Ring Finder or via the assistive touch on iPhone.

If you are on the verge of knowing how to make someone’s iPhone ring even when it is silent? If Yes, then this article is for you.


How to Make Someone's iPhone Ring When It's On Silent


How To Make Someone’s Iphone Ring When It’s On Silent?


As mentioned earlier, there are several ways that you can use in making someone’s iPhone ring even when it’s on silent.

One way is to use the Assistive Touch feature on iPhone.


Enable Assistive touch on iPhone can be done through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  • Step 2: Hover to General > Settings
  • Step 3: Tap on Accessibility, then turn On Assistive Touch.
  • Step 4: Press and Hold the Assistive Touch, and select Ringtone.

Another way you can make someone’s phone ring while it’s on silent mode is by turning on the Raise to Wake feature on the iPhone.

The Raise to Wake feature helps to make your phone ring even while it’s on silent.


To turn on this feature can be through the following steps:

  • Step 1: Open The Settings app
  • Step 2: Tap on Display & Settings.
  • Step 3: And Turn On Raise to Wake


Can You Send An Emergency Alert To Someone’s iPhone?


How to Make Someone's iPhone Ring When It's On Silent


Are you wondering if it is possible to send an emergency alert on an iPhone?

Well, the answer is Yes, you can send an emergency alert by sending a text message with the word emergency as the message content. 

Once the person receives the text message, it will automatically be sent as an emergency alert to all this person’s contact.

This is useful if you are in a critical condition, and more likely to need some help.


Does Facetime Always Ring?


The answer is No! Facetime doesn’t always ring, if the person you wish to call is not available, the call will, therefore, be sent as a voice mail.

So that when the person becomes active or available he/she will then be able to receive the message you had passed.


How Do You Reach Someone When Their Phone Is On Do Not Disturb?


Whenever a person’s iPhone is set on Do Not Disturb, there is a likelihood that your call might not be answered.

Therefore, there are several ways you can reach someone even when their phone is on Do Not Disturb. 

If you have their contact details or information you can try sending them a text message or an email message, whichever is convenient at the moment.

If you are conscious of their schedule, that is, the time they are usually available, you can try calling them. Or rather, you can drop a voicemail, if it is urgent.


How Do You Ping Someone’s iPhone?

Pinging someone on an iphone can be done either through the Find My Friends app or by using the command in the terminal app on iPhone.


How Do I Send A Loud Sound To Someone’s iPhone?


Are you wondering how you can send a loud sound to someone’s iPhone?

Well, there are several ways you can achieve this, one way is to use the Air Horn or Loudspeaker app.

Another way is to use a text message. Therefore, you have to type the following codes into your text message

67thephone number #

Once you have typed this, tap send and the phone will automatically call the number,  with the specified sound.


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However, there are several ways you can make someone’s iPhone ring even when it is on silent.

This mostly might happen as a result of cases of emergency, or something related.

In the course of this article, I have listed several methods that you can use to call someone on an iPhone, while it is on silent.

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