How to Make a Minecraft Server For Free


Minecraft servers are the backbone of the game, without them, players would not be able to play together online. So by making your own server, you can enjoy the game with your friends and family.

In this article, we will discuss how to make a Minecraft server for free using different methods including using Linux or Windows operating systems and using customized software like Bukkit or Spigot.


How do I make a free Minecraft server?


In addition to guidance on how to set up free Minecraft server hosting, we provide step-by-step instructions on how you can set up multiplayer games that you can play with your friends and family.


  • Step 1: Get Minecraft Java Edition

These instructions require that you own the Minecraft Java Edition. If you own the pocket, console, or Windows 10 edition of Minecraft, you will not be able to host your custom server. Minecraft Java Edition can be purchased and downloaded here. If you already own Minecraft Java Edition, then you can proceed to Step 2.

  • Step 2: Get the Latest Version of Java

The first step in setting up a Minecraft server is making sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Minecraft requires Java to run the game and having the latest version will help us run our server without issues.

You can install the latest version of Java here. Once there, for you to know how to make a Minecraft server for free, click the red Java Download button as you can see below:

Then, read and accept the terms by clicking the red “Agree and Start Free Download” button. The Java setup run file should now be in the download folder of your computer. If you need help with finding the download folder, type in “downloads” into your computer search bar and open the Downloads folder.


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Once in the downloads folder find the JavaSetup executable file and run this application. A popup window may appear asking if the application can make changes to your computer. Click to allow access, you may be asked to provide a password for these permissions.

You may be asked to uninstall a previous Java version, do so as keeping an older version does not help with our server setup. Once any previous versions are removed continue through the window prompts until Java is downloaded and up to date.

The first step in setting up a Minecraft server should not be complete. The following step we must take is downloading and setting up the actual Minecraft server folder.


  • Step 3: Download the Minecraft Server

The first step in downloading a Minecraft server is to download the Server.jar file from the Minecraft website. Optional: If you want an older version, you can find a list of Minecraft versions below.

Be sure to click the Server jar on the version you want to make sure you have the Server.jar required for the next step. Note: You may have a different version number than shown in the picture. This is okay as the latest version of Minecraft is constantly being updated.

Your computer may notify you that the file could be harmful to your computer. This is because any .jar file is treated as harmful when downloading in most browsers and computers. Just click Keep as this is an official Minecraft server .jar file we can trust.

Before we run this .jar file we want to create a folder for it that will hold all of the files. A common practice is to create the server folder on your desktop. To do this, go to your desktop and right-click on an open space. Go to New > Folder and click to create a new empty folder.

Once it is clicked it will let you change the name of the folder, so name it something so you know it is your Minecraft Server.


Video Guide


How to Carry Out the process


Now return to your Downloads folder the same way we did earlier and right-click on the Server.jar to copy it as we will paste it into the new folder we made in the next step.

Once you have the Server.jar copied, return to your desktop and open the server folder we made earlier. Then right-click in the empty folder and paste in the copied .jar file.

With this server file in the folder, right-click on it and press open to run the application.

This will create some configuration files you will need to know how to make a Minecraft server for free for your server and they will be neatly placed in the new folder we made.

With these files, we need to accept the EULA agreement for our server to run without shutting down immediately. Open the EULA.text file. With this open, you should see the line eula=false. Change this to read eula=true as shown below.

Once the change is made go to File > Save to save the text document so the agreement is complete. You can then exit out of the EULA text document. The next step is to run the server.jar file again to download more folders needed. Open the server.jar file to launch the server.

Your new server is officially launched and ready to go! Players should be able to find your server game in the multiplayer tab if they are on the same internet connection your server is set upon. If you want to run the server so your friends can join your game from a different internet connection, we have a section lower that covers this.

Before we cover playing globally with your friends, let’s cover some commands we can use with our server as well as some server customization.


  • Step 4: Commands to Run the Server

The next step we are going to do is create a batch file we can use to launch our server and help it run smoother to prevent as much lag as possible. The first step will be to create a new text document that we will save as a .bat file. Go into your server folder and right-click to create a new text document.

Once this document is made name it something easily recognizable as the file that will start our server. Once it is renamed, double click to open the document and add in the text as shown below. These are commands to help our server run smoothly.

Let’s break down exactly what these commands are and what they do for our server. The -Xms1024M and -Xmx1024M are two lines that help the server run with more RAM. This allocates a gigabyte of RAM for the server to run on.

The -jar and server.jar run the server jar file we have in the same folder. Important note: if your jar file is named something different than server.jar, you need to have the exact name of the file written out.

Finally, the pause at the end lets the window running the batch file stay open. This is helpful to spot any issues that may be crashing your server on launch or during gameplay.

Next, we need to save this file. Go to File > Save As to save this file as we will be changing it to a batch file instead of a text document.


How can I create a server?


In this section, you’ll learn how to create a server most easily by yourself. If you’ve got a good enough internet connection and the hardware to spare, why not do it yourself with your home server?

Not only can it save you money on hosting costs, but it can also give you far more choice to decide on the software your server can run and from that, you’ll learn how to make Minecraft for free in a simple way. Let’s run through how to create your server at home for web hosting.


Choose Your Hardware


If you’re planning on hosting a website, the first stage of knowing how to build a website server is choosing hardware capable of hosting it. Consider your potential usage requirements first. How many users do you expect to serve? Will you need a lot of storage space or processing power?

The good news is that if your budget is limited (or non-existent), you don’t necessarily have to purchase any additional equipment. An old PC may adequately run the software you need for your web server.

Beware, however, of the power requirements that an older PC might need, especially if you’re planning on running your server for 24 hours a day.


Choose Your Operating System: Linux or Windows?


With hardware in place, your next choice when deciding how to build a server for your website is choosing your operating system. You have two realistic choices to choose from – Microsoft Windows or Linux.

It’s estimated that nearly 70% of servers on the web currently run Linux. The reasons why can vary, but cost considerations and the ease with which these servers can be customized play a big part.

If you’d rather run a Windows web server, you’ll need to pay for a Windows license. Linux, by comparison, is free and open-source and can be far more customizable than a typical Windows server installation would be. Linux servers are also a more secure option, with far fewer malware opportunities for hackers to exploit.

That doesn’t mean they’re invincible, however. Much will depend on keeping your software up-to-date, and your server properly configured, regardless of which operating system you choose to use.


Is Your Connection Suited for Hosting?


DIY web hosting requires an internet connection that’s suitable for web traffic. Your download and upload speeds are important here – residential internet connections may offer a high download speed, but a low upload speed.

How fast you can ‘upload’ your website data to each user who visits your site will depend on this speed. The number of users who can access your site at the same time will have to share this connection, too.

Test your internet connection using speed testing tools like this one to determine your current speeds. You should also confirm with your ISP whether you have any data limits on your connection. If your ISP caps your data usage or throttles it back if the usage is too much, you may need to look at changing your provider.


Set up and Configure Your Server


With your hardware, connection, and operating system ready, you’ll need to set up the software you need to host your site which makes it easier for you to know how to make a Minecraft server for free.

This will depend on the operating system you’ve chosen for your server. Windows Server installations can install IIS, the web server add-on. This Microsoft support documentation for IIS gives you step-by-step instructions on what to do.

If you decided to go for Linux, Apache, Lighttpd or NGINX are three options for you to install. Apache is the most well-known, and you can find out how to install it here. You can also install Apache on a typical Windows installation, too.

You may need to open up ports on your home router and firewall to allow your web traffic to pass back and forth from your web server. Ports 80 and 443 are the most essential for web traffic, so be sure these aren’t blocked. If you need help in opening up ports on your router, this guide should help you get started.

Once the server is set up and configured for web traffic, check it works by visiting your server on a web browser. Most servers will come with a test page that will display once it’s loaded. You can replace this with your website files afterward.

You’ll need to get to grips with the best tools to configure and maintain your web server. Here are some suggested tools for system administrators that you should look to make use of.


Setting up Your Domain Name and Check It Works


Once your server is configured for access from users on the internet, your final step is setting up a domain name to allow your users to find you.

Before you do, users will only be able to visit your site by typing in your web server’s external IP address. Rather than a series of numbers, you’ll want an easy-to-remember address for your users to type in.

You’ll need to purchase a domain name from a domain registrar, but you can register for a free subdomain from a service like No-IP if you’d prefer. With a domain (or subdomain) available to you, you’ll then need to set up the relevant DNS entries for your domain to point to your server’s IP address.

Your registrar will have their instructions on how to do this. After a few hours to allow the changes to take effect, your server should be ready.


What is the most popular Minecraft Server?


You’ll get to know the top 20 popular Minecraft servers in this section. Let’s dive in:

  • Minecraft servers are the best way to get a dose of unadulterated multiplayer fun.
  • These servers feature a ton of custom content like enchantments and mini-games.

If you’re looking to get the complete Minecraft experience, you need to try playing on multiplayer servers. With an active community of Minecraft enthusiasts, servers are a great way to experience various types of creative gameplay.



Minecraft servers feature a ton of custom content like enchantments, mini-games as well as new and unique recipes for crafting. With a multitude of themes as well as regular contests and tournaments, these servers are the haven that any Minecraft lover craves.

In this article, we take a look at the top 10 Minecraft servers of 2020. This list is not ranked in any particular order since all these servers are too good to be compared and they’ll be of help for you to know to make a Minecraft server for free.


List of top 10 Minecraft servers in 2022


  •  Manabe

Manabe is a popular Minecraft server that has been running since 2013. Its steadily active community has plenty of game modes like Parkour, Creative, Skyblock, Olympus Prison, and many more.


  •  Altitude

Altitude is an exceptionally fun Minecraft server that is an amalgamation of four survival servers synced together. Players can easily switch between them at any given time without losing their server currency or rewards!


  •  LemonCloud

With a bucket load of game modes like Prison, Creative, Skyblock, Survival, Skywars, and Factions, LemonCloud is a great choice for any Minecraft player. The server also has regular events to keep things interesting at all times.


  •  Purple Prison

Purple Prison calls itself the best prison server for Minecraft, and they just might be right. The server brings with it tons of unique content aimed to create the ultimate prison experience for Minecraft players.


  • The Mining Dead

If you’ve ever been a fan of the Walking Dead series, then you need to play in the Mining Dead server, which recreates the post-apocalyptic world from the show and allows Minecraft players to fight against the walkers.


  •  MineVille

MineVille is a unique Minecraft server with a lot of the usual game modes but also a ton of custom content such as Minebucks, custom enchantments, jobs, ancient trials as well as the ability for players to get married!


  • UniverseMC

One of the best servers for Minecraft, UniverseMC has tons of great events and contests for players to be a part of. With game modes such as Factions, Prison, and Skyblock as well as lucrative offers on free rank-ups, the server has lots to play around with.


  •  Herobrine

Named after the infamous figure that haunts the worlds of Minecraft players, Herobrine is a server with plenty of game modes to keep you occupied. They also have a lot of cool content as well as regular updates to make things fun!


  •  Bedwars

While the actual server may be called Bedwars, it features several other game modes for Minecraft players. Their newest addition is a Sims-style game mode called the “City Life”, which is pretty fun to play.


  •  Hypixel

We haven’t forgotten about Hypixel. This server is popular among Minecraft Youtubers. With a wide selection of creative minigames, Hypixel has a massive Minecraft community that is growing every day


Is Mineplex dead?


1st of to Minecraft: The game gets nearly 10 years old and that’s already a long time for a game. It was hyped up, but now it’s kind of gone. People got bored of it, got older, had less time, or whatever a personal reason is to stop playing.

The same goes for updates: some are more and some are less good. As said above, a lot of people got annoyed because of the 1.9+ combat system. Maybe the interest in minigames got back over the years too?

Now to Mineplex: It’s not a secret, that more or less stuff works not so well. The past few months or even now. There were a lot of game-breaking bugs, missing updates, and fixes, and ppl got annoyed by that. Even the biggest problem of them is Gwen, which didn’t have an update in ages. We guess this is the highest reason, why a lot of ppl don’t go positive against this server.


Now to the players: 2022 of Minecraft is sad by this way. Mostly the problems are:

  • Toxic players
  • hacker
  • blatant/closeter cheaters and

Also the fact, some take the game so personally, that they even do stuff to hurt others (Like Doxing/Leaking and Dosing) gives a really bad light on the community. Nothing can change, that Minecraft loses players, but by the side of Mineplex, they can try to look, at what could be done, to improve the server. Come up with ideas, that could bring back players.

Also about the community: It cant be changed as well. Only thing is to hope, that they grow up and realize, what they did wrong. Even to those, who act toxic or are even tempted to do illegal stuff.

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