How to Lock an Android Phone Manually? I Tried It


If you are having an issue with your phone’s power button not working and you looking for a way to do that manually then you are welcome. There are issues with the android phone’s touch screen not working or the power button broken and locking up the phone is now becoming a pain for many users.

So allow me to show you how you can lock an android phone manually although the steps and procedure may differ due to differences in phone model. An iPhone user’s steps to that of a Samsung and a Redmi user will vary when it comes to manual locking of the phone screen to listen.


How to Lock an Android Phone Manually


  • To lock an android phone manually, the easiest way is to use the power button usually on the side although that depends on the company. Some iPhones have their power button at the top, you can as well use the home button just as in a case with Samsung phones to lock your phone.
  • To lock an android phone manually precisely a Samsung phone, all you need to do is double tap on a space on your screen. Doing this will lock your phone’s screen, although this method also works out for a few more android devices especially the latest models of Android but not all.
  • Another method that works commonly for most android phones uses a third-party app like; the Volume Unlock app. Open the app and enable the accessibility service option, set to lock your screen either using the volume up or down button to lock up your phone depending on which works for you.


How to Lock an Android Phone Remotely


How to Lock an Android Phone Remotely


You need your Android device to be actively registered on your Google account to be able to remotely control it. You will as well need Google’s Android Device Manager to remotely operate your phone using on another android device.

To remotely lock your Android phone, you need to first turn on the mobile network and also turn on the phone’s GPS and location service. Now go to Google settings and choose a security option, Tap on Allow Remote Lock and Erase on your phone.

Next is to tap on the Lock the Screen option on the phone, doing this will grant another device full control to lock your phone’s screen remotely. You can use another android phone to make the connection or a PC when trying to remotely lock your phone.


How to Unlock Android Phone Without Touch Screen


How to Unlock Android Phone Without Touch Screen


To unlock an Android phone without a touch screen, you need an Android Debug Bridge (ADB) but that will require you to enable USB debugging mode. ADB helps create a connection between your PC and your phone which can then be used to unlock the phone once connected properly.

Another way to do this is by Using a USB Mouse and the OTG Adapter on your phone but that will require compatibility. Be sure your phone supports a USB Mouse connection and also ensure that your phone is well charged because the Mouse will drain a considerable amount of charge.

You can as well unlock your phone using your Samsung account but of course, this is precisely for Samsung users. This will also require that your Samsung account be registered to a service, if you are lucky to have done then you can unlock your Samsung device following the steps provided above.


How to Lock Android Screen Without Power Button


To lock an Android screen without a power button or when you have a broken power button by using a third-party app. Some of these apps that work to lock and unlock an Android device with a broken power button are the Power Button Master and the Volume Unlock.

To lock an Android using a power button master, first download, install and launch the app on your Android device. Open the app and enable the accessibility service option, set it to lock your screen either using the volume up or down button to lock up your phone.

Another way to do this is by using the app called “WaveUp“, which helps you to unlock and lock your phone by placing your hands close to the proximity sensor. All these third-party apps are free for download on Play Store offering android users a whole new experience.


How to Put Password on Android Phone


The downside of Android phones is that it is easy for someone to take over your phone or steal your personal information by getting access to the device through some other means.

Here’s how you can put a password on your Android phone:

  1. Tap “Settings” in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Scroll down and select “Security.”
  3. Select “Screen lock.”
  4. Choose “Password” from the list of options and follow the prompts to create a new one or set up an existing one as a screen lock option for your Android device.


How Do I Disable Screen Lock on Android?


Screen lock is a security feature on Android that makes sure your device is not accessed without your knowledge.

To disable screen lock on Android, you have to go to the settings menu and find the Settings option. Under this option, scroll down and find the Lock Screen section. You should be able to see three options:

You can use the steps below to disable the screen lock and set your device’s password.

  • Open Settings on your device.
  • Tap Security and then Screen Lock.
  • Turn off one of the options for Lock Screen > Swipe, Pattern, PIN, Password
  • To create a password tap on “Add New“.
  • Enter a 4 digit password and confirm it.


How to Lock My Phone with Password


A lot of people have been using their phones to share personal information with others, and we must protect ourselves. One way to do this is by locking your phone with a password.

There are several ways to lock your phone with a password. Some of the most popular methods include using Touch ID or Face ID, setting up a pattern lock, and setting up a PIN.


How Do I Restart My Android if My Power Button is Broken?


If your power button is broken, you can still use your Android device. To restart your device, follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to turn off the device.
  2. Remove the battery from the device and leave it out for 5 minutes or so to remove any residual charge in the battery.
  3. Put in a new, fully charged battery and replace it into the phone’s charging port while pressing down on its back section with your finger or a paperclip (the top of a paperclip) to make sure it is properly seated in place before continuing with step 4 below.
  4. Hold down both volume buttons at once for 10 seconds to initiate a reboot of your phone (or until you see an ” Android” logo).
  5. After the device has rebooted, release these buttons to see if the device is now functional.
  6. If the phone is not functional, repeat steps 4-5 until you can restart your device and get it functioning correctly again.


What Are the 3 Buttons at the Bottom of Android Called?


The 3 buttons at the bottom of an Android device are called Home, Back, and Recent. These three buttons are also known as soft keys because they don’t have any physical buttons that can be pressed.

The Home button is the button on the left side of the screen. It is used to go back to your home screen. The Recent button is on the right side of the screen and it lets you see your recent apps. The Back button is located in a square at the bottom-left corner of your home screen and it takes you back one step in whatever app you are using.


How to Lock Android Screen Without Power Button?

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When we talk about locking an android phone manually, many users begin to think totally out of the box. Not many users understand that pressing your power button to lock your phone is a manual procedure nor tapping the phone screen twice.

But now in this article, we know How to Lock an Android Phone Manually and also how to lock an android phone with a broken power button or touch screen. Go through this article paying close attention to every piece of information and feel free to leave a comment below.



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