How To Fix Snapchat Score Not Updating


Your Snapchat score isn’t updating, and you have passed it. In this article, I will be showing you how to fix the issue and tell you everything, you need to know about Snapchat features.

There are many social media coming up daily and the world is adapting to them. Snapchat is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Snapchat has many features to give users the best user experience.


Snapchat score is also known as snap score, every Snapchat user has its snap score that shows your activeness on the app. It is a combination of snaps that you have sent and received.


How To Fix Snapchat Score Not Updating



What determines your Snapchat score are listed below:

  • The number of snaps that you receive from others.
  • The number of snaps that you send out.
  • Time spent on Snapchat app and engagement.
  • The number of stories that you post.


Reasons Why Your Fix Snapchat Score Not Is Updating


If your Snapchat score is not updating, don’t freak out. Many people are experiencing this, it is not only you. After snapping with friends or a lot of engagement. You are always obsessed with your Snapchat score, frequently checking it over and over.



It takes Snapchat 7 days to update the user’s full Snapchat score after the snap. This implies that you must wait for 7 days before you conclude that your snap isn’t updating.

Or maybe nobody likes you that’s why your Snapchat score isn’t updating…. Don’t freak out, I am just kidding.

If you have waited for hours without your snap score not updating. Then, the guide below will be useful to you.


How To Fix Snapchat Score Not Updating


Below are different ways to fix your Snapchat score not updating. This method is used to fix lagging that might occur due to excessive hardware performance.


Video Guide


METHOD 1: Reboot Your device Phone


This is one of the effective ways to fix the issue that your Snapchat score is not updating.

  • Press and hold your phone power button tight, till the power menu comes on screen.
  • Select shutdown or tap the reboot option on the screen. Wait till the phone finally turn off (if it is an iphone slide to power off and wait for the phone to turn off).
  • The phone will reboot automatically if you chose the reboot or re-start option. If you used the power off option, wait for some time before you ON the phone.


Wait for some time for the booting process to complete. Then, you can open your Snapchat app and check your Snapchat score.


Method 2: Update Your Snapchat App



Your Snapchat app might be the reason why your snap score is not updating. The version you are using might be outdated and has a lot of bugs to fix. Updating to a new or current version of the app will fix this issue.

Do you want your Snapchat score to update without stress? Update your snap app to the current version.

Here are steps to update your Snapchat app:

  1. Open the google play store app if you are using an android device or apple store if you are using Iphone.
  2. The easy way is simply to search for Snapchat and click on the app.
  3. On the left side of your screen, you will see an update or open.
  4. Click on the update button.
  5. Make sure you have a stable network connection while doing this.
  6. Then wait for the app to update. This will take a few minutes and a data connection.
  7. Once the app finishes updating, launch it and check your Snapchat score.



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Method 3: Clear Your Snapchat App Cache


Clearing your Snapchat cache will make you lose already store data in the app. Don’t panic, the data will be restored when you log in again. If your cache memory is full, this might affect your Snapchat scores updating.


Below are steps to clear the Snapchat app cache:

  • Open your phone settings and click on APPS.
  • The app list in your phone will show up, scroll through it and select Snapchat.
  • Click on it and force it to stop if it is running already.
  • Now you can clear data by pressing the clear cache button.


Method 4: Delete/Uninstall And Reinstall Snapchat App



  • Open your Google play store app for android users or app store for iPhone users.
  • Search for the app “Snapchat” then open it.
  • Now, proceed and uninstall by clicking on the icon to confirm your action.
  • After uninstalling the app, reboot your phone.
  • Open your app store after rebooting and install the app again. Once installation is complete, log in and check your Snapchat score has updated.



Final Words


Many users report this issue often and it occurs due to bugs in the system. You have to be patient with the system because Snapchat updates millions of users snap in a day. Hope the solutions shared above helped out.


Do well to let’s know the method that was useful.

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