How To Fix Samsung S8 Won’t Charge Issue?


We all know how important it is to keep your phone charged.  When your battery is running low, your phone is almost nothing in your hand. Samsung S8 is just like other smartphones, which consumers power.

It is very frustrating when your phone refuses to charge. This shows a lot of things that might be wrong which the hardware system might be involved. There’s no need to panic because, in this article, I will be showing you how you can fix this problem.


Are you having issues with your Samsung S8 phone?

The device won’t charge when is plugged in… That’s not looking good and is very bad news.

Don’t worry much; this article will be teaching you how to fix Samsung S8 Won’t Charge Issue?


So, if you are having this problem you don’t need to worry again. In this guide, I have made self-explanatory with easy step by guide to follow and get your Samsung S8 charging again.


There are so many ways that you can fix this problem, but this depends on the cause of the problem.

It is already known that not every own of Samsung S8 has the wireless charge. This guide is exclusive for those using a wired charger. Read to learn how to fix your Samsung S8 charging issue.


Different ways To Fix Samsung S8 Won’t Charge Issue


Below are possible solutions to fix your Samsung S8 charging issue. After much research, I have decided to share with you the solution to the problem.


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Check Charging Cable Condition


This is one of the solutions to this problem, Samsung S8 is design to charge with a special adaptive charger. In this case, you troubleshoot to identify where the problem is coming from. Here you will do a physical checking on the charger cable, checking its effectiveness. Check if there is a cut or the cable has stopped working due to wire burnout.

Get the charger cable (popularly called USB cord) connect it to the nearest computer/laptop. If the phone charges, then you will know that the fault is from the charger battery. Hence, you need to change the charger head containing the charger battery.

In your first trial, if this does work. Get a USB cord from a friend or anyone around. Try using the cord to charge it.

If this works, then you need to change the charger cable. The old charging cable is already damaged.

In this section we cracked out two possible solutions:

  1. Check if the charging cable is worn-out or has a cut. If it does, replace it with a new one.
  2. If the cable is in good physical condition, try connecting it to a laptop through any of the side ports. If it charges fine, then you need to replace the charger head containing the battery. This shows that the charging cable is in good condition and the charger battery is down or malfunctioning.
  3. After checking the charging cable out via laptop or computer and it refuses to charge. Try out other charging cables if it works then replace the charging cable because is damaged.



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Restart Your Device (Reboot In Safe mode) and Try Charging


This is the second possible solution on my list. If you tried the above solution and none worked out, then this section will be of help. In this case, you need to reboot your Samsung S8 in safe mode.

This condition helps to disable all running apps on your device if the charging problem is triggered by any of the apps. Then, this method will fix it swiftly, while in safe mode the device will charge properly.


You might be asking how to reboot in safe mode on your Samsung S8. Don’t worry, I have listed the steps below to guide you.

  1. First, turn off your Samsung S8.
  2. Press and hold the power button.
  3. Immediately Samsung logo appears on the screen, releasing the power button.
  4. Then switch to the volume down button immediately, make sure your press and hold it tight.
  5. Make sure you are pressing and holding the down button tight till the device completes booting.
  6. Once the phone finish booting, the safe mode will display on the left bottom corner of the phone.
  7. Now, you can release the down volume button. The phone is now in safe mode.


If your phone is charging after this, then is clear that one of the apps you have installed is the problem. Try and uninstall apps without untrusted third-party authorization. If you can’t find the app, I advise you to back up your phone and reset it. Then be careful of the apps you install afterward.


Check Your Charging Port Or Connector


This is common among phone users, your device charging port might have been damaged or disconnected from the right port. Things like dust and stones might have been blocked. Try using a toothpick to check for any blockage and remove dirt.

The charging port might have been disconnected because of the pressure faced by the device. This will require the knowledge of a phone technician to fix it.


Power Glitch and System Crash Possibility


This method is very simple

It is used when the phone refuses to on. Make sure your Samsung S8 is plugged in and press the power for the phone ON. If the charging sign displays on the screen during the process, then continue charging the phone. After 30 minutes, you can power the device on again.




Final Words


A phone with a drained battery is almost useless because it can’t function. I know how frustrating it can be, I have been there. That’s why I decided to share these solutions with you.

Hope you found a suitable to fix your Samsung S8 won’t charge issues?

Use the comment box below to share your thoughts with me. Got a question? Use the comment box below to notify me.

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