How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-1-19


Netflix is one of the biggest movie streaming platforms in the world. If you have experienced Netflix error code nw-1-19, you’ll understand how frustrating it can be. This error can disturb your happy moment. Imagine you’re enjoying your favorite series and this error occurs.

This guide has complete steps to help you fix Netflix error code nw-1-19. I have taken my time to research and find different solutions to this error.

Like I said before that Netflix remains the biggest streaming platform in the world today. This movie/series streaming company has gained millions of users over years. Made deals with different production companies to bring your favorite series.

They’ve made their services available on different platforms such as smartphones (android and iphone), gaming consoles, and TVs.

Yea, your smart TVs have a Netflix app in them, this makes it possible for you to watch your favorite series from your tv direct.

The streaming apps can develop errors sometimes, the problem might be from the app or your TV.

This guide will provide necessary steps to fix your Netflix error and enjoy streaming movies from your comfort.


Many Netflix users have complained of this error when trying to connect their smart TV or any aided Netflix streaming platform. The following error usually come up

“Code: NW-1-19. Your device may not be connected to the internet. Please make sure your connection is working. Retrying in 19 seconds” Code: NW-1-19



Reasons Why Error Code: NW-1-19 Occur On Netflix


This is a common error and before we discuss the solution, I’ll like to tell you the reasons why the error occurred. Code: NW-1-19 error occurs due to poor or no network connectivity. This implies that the device you are to use isn’t connected to the network or lacks network coverage.

Sometimes, this error can be caused by using devices that don’t support Netflix services. The device in use may not aid Netflix services, this means that you aren’t allowed to stream on Netflix using the device.



How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-1-19


Utility devices such as smart TVs, laptops, and gaming consoles have allowed the use of third-party apps and Netflix happens to be one of them. To fix this error is very simple, you don’t kill yourself over it.

Check your network service and ensure that’s active. Make sure that your internet connection is working well.

If your network is not connected or is poor, then this is the problem. Try checking the network source and ensure that’s strong. Rather, turn OFF the device and ON it again. You can contact your network provider tell ask them what’s wrong with the network.

If this doesn’t work for you then follow the sections below to know How To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-1-19


How To Fix NW-1-19 Error on Xbox 360


Here is how to fix nw-1-19 error on Xbox 360. If your Xbox 360 fails to connect to Netflix services, then follow the steps below to fix it.


Fix Connectivity

  • Ensure your network is active and check the network connection on your Xbox 360. Go to menu>>>System Settings>>>Network Settings.
  • Choose wireless network or wired network. This depends on the one that you’re using.
  • Proceed and check how strong the network is by using “Test Xbox live connection”


This method should fix the issue if the problem is with the network, if it is not then use the next step to fix the error.


Check DNS Configuration Settings

  • Go to Settings>> System settings>> Choose Network>> Configure Network option.
  • Choose the network option and click on an automatic option.
  • Now, turn off your Xbox 360 and turn it on after like 5 minutes.
  • If this problem persists then, remove the power cable from the network and power source
  • Stay for some time before you turn it ON and verify if everything has been fixed.


Fix Netflix Error Code: Nw-1-19 On Roku


Netflix are popularly used on Roku, sometimes this error can occur, below are tips to fix nw 1-19 error on the app.


  • Check the connected network to ensure that internet services are connected.
  • Run another check on your Roku to check the strength of your internet connection.
  • Now, turn off your device, wait for some time and restart or turn on the app again.
  • Check if the error is still available, if it does then check your modem location or change the network provider.


Fix Netflix Error Code: Nw-1-19 On Samsung TV (Including Other Smart TVs)


This section will guide you to fix the code: nw-1-19 error on your Samsung tv. This error stops you from accessing Netflix on your smart TV. I have experienced this issue before and learned a perfect way to fix it.


How To Fix Error Nw-1-19 On Your Samsung TV


  • Check to know if your network connectivity is not tempered. Check your cables properly and wired connection to see if anything has caused damage to it.
  • Next, you can uninstall and reinstall Netflix on your Samsung TV after checking the steps above. After installing the app again, then check if the error has been fixed.
  • If the error is still on, then navigate to the TV Menu and choose the support tap update necessary software required.
  • If the error still pops up, then go to the menu but choose smart hub reset this time. Follow the on-screen guide to finishing the reset process.
  • The error might occur because your Netflix app isn’t up to date. Make sure that you update the Netflix app to the current version.



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How To Fix This Error On Other Smart TV


Ensure you are connected to the internet. If connected properly and it is working well.

Unplug your smart TV from the power supply and wait for like 5 minutes before you turn it ON.

If the error still shows up, try other means of connecting your smart TV to the internet. This method should provide a stronger network.


How To Solve Streaming Player Having Code: Nw-1-19


If you are using any streaming media to watch Netflix and this error occurs, here is how to fix it with ease. Make sure you follow the steps below.


  • Check to be sure that you’re connected to the network
  • Switch off your streaming player and wait for 3 minutes or more before turning it ON.
  • Once your device is ON, check if this problem is solved.


Resolve Code: nw-1-19 On Blur Ray Player


Turn Off your Blur ray player, remove it from the power source.

Wait for some time before turning the device ON again.

Once booting is done, then check if the error is fixed.


Final Words


Code: NW-1-19 error can occur at any time. This error is common among Netflix users, I hope this error fixes everything about it. Hope the steps above helped you to fix the error.


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