How To Fix LG TV Dim Automatically? Step By Step Guide


Does your LG TV dim automatically? In this article, I will be sharing how you can fix your LG TV if it dims automatically.

Your LG TV can dim in some movie or show scene when in use. It happens when the display picture changes from one color texture to another. Power changes happen in the processor, the panel processor decreases power to blacklight during a scene where there is more darkness.


Ambient light detection is the device responsible for LG TV light dimming. It measures the light intensity in the room where your TV is placed and switches to the right brightness.


Can I stop my LG TV from Dimming light?


Yes, you can stop your LG TV from dimming light. This page contains, step by step guide on how you can stop your LG TV from dimming light. There seems to be more lightning in a room with more lightning and darker in a room with darkness.


How To Fix LG TV Dim Automatically?


Follow the steps below to adjust your LG TV rightness and dimming control.


  • Navigate to the TV picture menu and find the settings, then click on Advance and select picture from the list of menus.
  • Click on the Energy Save option and select the energy-saving option to OFF.


Now, you have successfully turned off Auto-Dimming or brightness on your LG TV. If this doesn’t work then, try to turn OFF the “Smart Picture Mode”. You can also try switching OFF the super-resolution, color filter, and dynamic contract.



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Final Word


Hope you learned How To Fix LG TV Dim Automatically?

If the steps shared above didn’t work for you, try to contact LG support for help. Also, try to leave a comment for us below.

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