How to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error


If you are a gamer, you will know how bad it is to experience this error issue. Discord 502 bad gateway error can be a nightmare. Online gaming has grown to become a big industry and discord is one of the gaming platforms to stream games with your audience.

This single error can ruin your online gaming. Discord is made by and for the gaming community. The system shared swift gaming experiences and communication with the community in general.

Now, the question is what Discord 502 Bad Gateway error is

In this article, I will be sharing with you easy ways to fix 502 bad gateway errors on discord.



What Is The 502 Bad Gateway Error On Discord?


This is a common issue for regular internet users, 502 bad gateway error is also known as “502 proxy error”, “temporary error (502), “HTTP 502 error” and many others.



502 is a regular error on the internet web page that can be resolved by reloading the web page. Since this can’t be done on discord. We focus our energy on providing suitable solutions.


Different Ways To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error On Discord


This part of the article will provide various solutions to solve 502 bad gateway errors on discord.


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Method 1: Check The Discord Server Status


Discord service is built on a server by Cloudflare, problems might occur with Cloudflare servers which will affect discord services. So many internets outrages have occurred over the years and Cloudflare has been a victim. Downtime is usually possible and happy over time, this can be a result of power failure or over the weight of the server.


How To Solve 502 Bad gateway error On Discord

  • Navigate to discord downdetector webpage, use this link “CLICK HERE
  • On this page discord, bots will show you all your problems with discord for the past 24 hours.
  • Move on and report those issues on the page.
  • Wait, till the discord support team attend to your problem. This usually takes a while; so chill and relax your nerves.



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Method 2: Use End Discord.exe Process


This is one of the best methods that I use to solve my 502 bad gateway error on discord. Discord app runs/works on a background continuous process. Closing the app isn’t enough to stop it from working, this is the same process that WhatsApp works on. The best way to close or stop the discord app from running is from your Task Manager.



How To Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error on Discord Using End Discord.exe Process


  • Click the start icon and search for Task manager on your computer. This works well on MacBook.
  • When the Task Manager window opens, look for the app “Discord” from the list of background running apps.
  • Now, right-click on the discord icon and click on the “End Task” button to terminate the discord app from running.


Congratulation, you can now launch your discord again and see that the discord 502 bad gateway error has been resolved.


Final Words


This is a common error that occurs to discord users, we have taken our time to discuss possible solutions to fix 502 bad gateway errors on discord.

Perhaps these methods do help you solve the problem, uninstall your discord app, and install it again.


Remember to check your network connectivity, poor networks can lead to such problems discussed above.

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