How To Find Out Who Made A Fake Instagram Account


Hello there, have you been trying to figure out how you can easily identify a fake Instagram account?

The Instagram community is entirely a great community, with millions of users using it daily.

With these great numbers, most people believe it will be a good opportunity to create a fake Instagram account either to defraud people online or to steal very vital information.


The cases of people creating fake accounts go beyond several reasons which you and I may ever think of.

Although there is no acceptable way to know a fake Instagram account, you can also identify a fake Instagram account based on certain factors, such as their activities in the media, and the nature of the account itself.

You can easily identify a fake Instagram account, based on what has/is been posted.


How To Find Out Who Made A Fake Instagram Account


I stated earlier that one of the most common uses of fake Instagram accounts is to scam people of their earnings.

While using Instagram, you shouldn’t be moved by the beautiful lady’s pictures you find there, while some are not real, others are there to rip you off your money.

Therefore, the need to develop the skills of identifying fake accounts is something you certainly need to exhibit on these popular social mediums, Instagram inclusive.

So in this article, I will be explaining to you how you can use your judgment in identifying fake Instagram accounts.


How To Find Who Made A Fake Instagram Account?


Knowing this is one of the best skills you will ever develop concerning identifying fake Instagram accounts.

Identifying a fake Instagram account will be the same method you will apply when identifying fake accounts on any other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and so on.


How To Find Who Made A Fake Instagram Account?


Therefore, the General way to find who has created a fake Instagram account is by checking out the following attributes associated with that account.

  • Comments made on this account

This is one of the best ways you can easily find a fake account. Viewing the account post and checking out the contents of the comments in each post.

An account that is real will have some level of transparency in the comments section, this is because a fake Instagram account will either have no comments, but have several likes or contains judgemental comments.

Most times, Checking comments in these accounts’ posts reveals that a particular account is fake.

  • Check the Profile and Bio

Checking the profile of this account is another sure way you can identify if it’s fake or not.

Most times, fake accounts do not give a detailed Bio on their account, creating a space of suspiciousness. Sometimes the profile picture might contain a picture, different from the handler of the account.

  • Followers in this account.

The followers of a particular account also tell on how fake an account may be.

Most fake accounts follow tons of people and thereby spamming them with several messages to scam them.

Therefore, scrutinizing the account followers is one sure way you can easily detect a fake Instagram account.

  • Messages sent to you.

I have experienced this: most fake Instagram accounts, which you don’t know, and have never seen before, send you an unsolicited message on a subject.

Mostly, this message is based on Investment or Winning a Lotto, which in reality is a total scam.

In this case, once you identify an account like this, you should ensure to know their intentions and prevent yourself from giving out vital information about yourself.

  • Check the number of activities.

If you want to know if an Instagram account is fake or not, you might want to check the number of involvements such accounts have.

Most accounts that are termed fake have less involvement. 


How to Tell if an Instagram Account is Fake?


How to Tell if an Instagram account is Fake?


Most times you receive unsolicited messages from personal accounts or companies you have never heard of or seen before.

This message is likely to be based on buying their products. In cases like these, ask the account for some information like the address of the company, the website of the company, the company’s registration certificate, and so on. 

This is to identify a fake Instagram account, if this account is fake, they’ll barely provide these documents and information.

Another thing you can do to check a fake Instagram account is by looking at the name used in the Instagram account.

Most accounts that use non-biological names are likely to end up as fake accounts.

Although not all accounts using non-biological names are truly fake, some are.


Fake Instagram Account Tools.

While there is no official way to check if an account is fake on Instagram, there are also available third-party Applications that you can use to detect fake Instagram accounts.

These accounts can be found on the play store, while some are free to use, others are paid versions.


How To Check a fake Instagram account using trendHero,

With trendHero you can check who has created a fake Instagram account

The steps to check a fake Instagram account with trendHero can be done as follows:


  • Step 1: Hover to the trendHero website, and create a free account. trendHero
  • Step 2: Before you can use the trendHero you need to register with them.
  • Step 3: Go to your Dashboard, click on the Navigation bar and tap the My List menu.
  • Step 4: Click on the drop-down menu and scroll down, which is at the top of the page. Type your name in the edit field.
  • Step 5: Search for influencers, by tapping on the discovery menu and selecting a category out of 13 subcategories.

You will see a list of influencers

Another tool you can use to check a fake Instagram account is FakeFind.


Fake Instagram Account Tools.


FakeFind is free to use, and you can use it on your Android phone. With FakeFind, you can identify Instagram accounts that are fake.

All you have to do is to install FakeFind on your android device, then launch it, and log in with your credentials.

FakeFind app scans all the photos and stories shared by this account, to identify if it is a fake or not.


Can You Find the IP Address Of Deleted Instagram Account?


You can find the IP address of an Instagram account. All you need to have is the phone number of the account or the email address.

Once you have this information you can request additional information about the said account from Instagram.

The information will include the IP address from which the account was accessed.


How Can You Tell If Someone Has Multiple Instagram Accounts?


To check if someone has multiple accounts can be done by typing the name of the account in the search bar. The results displayed will show if a person has multiple accounts or not.

If you found multiple accounts, some accounts might have been created by scammers.

Another way to check if a person has multiple accounts is by using Google, although before you can get the desired results you need to make some filter searches.


Is It Possible To Trace An Instagram Account?

Yes, you can track an Instagram account.

Through the following:

  • Manual
  • Spyware app


Can You Have 2 Instagram Accounts On The Same Email?

No, Instagram doesn’t support creating more than one account with the same email address.

You can use your phone number to create another Instagram account if you truly need up to 2 accounts.


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Using the Instagram app requires all forms of consciousness, this is because there are several accounts termed to be fake, that is they are not real.

Therefore, identifying a fake Instagram account is one of the best things you will ever need to exhibit in order not to fall victim to these scammers and fraudsters.

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