How To Do Front Flash on TikTok


When taking short videos in a dark environment, the back flash of your device can help lighten things up.

However, what about doing a short video with your front camera in a dark environment? How do you brighten up things?


Trust me, and you might I thought of no solution, not this 😞

This tutorial will explain how you can use the front flash to take short videos while using your front camera.

The steps available for iPhones are quite different from those for Android-based devices.


This results from most iPhones not having a front flash led, making it almost impossible to make videos with the front camera in a dark environment.

Therefore, if you have been searching for how to use your Android devices or iOS device to make short skits at night or during low light exposure.


Then this post is for you.


How To Do Front Flash on TikTok


How To Do Front Flash On TikTok


While this is almost impossible for iPhone users, Android users can easily light up what is at the camera’s front with just a few clicks.

So let’s understand how you can lighten up things while using the front camera for both devices.


How To Do a Front Flash on TikTok Using an iPhone


Virtually no iPhone has a front flash; therefore, we will be using the Classic Invert feature in iPhone to find an alternative to this.

All you have to do is enable the Classic Invert feature on your iPhone devices.

This feature helps lighten up all that is at the front of your camera.

Once this feature has been Turned on, you can make a video of yourself using your front camera, even in dark environments.


How To Do a Front Flash on TikTok Using an iPhone


So this is how you can enable the Classic Invert feature on your iPhone.

Note that this method doesn’t work with non iOS devices. Therefore, if you’re using an Android device, you might want to skip this section to the next.


Step 1: Hover to your Settings

The Classic Invert feature is available in the settings of your iOS device.

Therefore, you must launch your Settings Apps on your iPhone to enable it.

Once it is opened, then you can proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Select the Accessibility option.

Once the Settings of your iPhone have been opened, several other features will be displayed, such as General, Control center, display and brightness, and so on.

Scroll down till you see the Accessibility option, tap it 


Step 3: Display and Text Size

Once you have tapped the Accessibility options, click on Display and Text Size under the first category captioned Vision.

This feature helps you make changes to your iPhone display in terms of how text is displayed on your device.


Step 4: Enable Classic Invert

This Classic Invert act as your iPhone front flash. According to iPhone, the classic Invert reverses the colors of the display 

Before you can use the Classic Invert feature, you need to enable it.


Step 5: Launch your TikTok and increase the brightness of your device.

Once you have enabled the Classic Invert on your iPhone devices, you can Launch your TikTok app.

Ensure you have increased the brightness of your iPhone.


Step 6: Record a video.

Once your TikTok has been launched, flip your camera from the back camera to the front camera, using the Flip icon on the left side of the Video recording screen.


Step 7: Turn off Classic Invert

Once you have recorded your video, you have to Turn off the classic Invert.

Otherwise, you might not be able to see how the video turns out to be.

Navigate to the Settings > Accessibility > Display and Text Size > Classic Invert (disable it).


This method allows iPhone users to use the front camera to take videos with extremely low exposure.


How To Use The Front Flash in TikTok for Android Devices.


Most modern Android devices come with a front flash, except for older Android operating system versions, like most devices from version 6.0 downwards.


How To Use The Front Flash in TikTok for Android Devices.


Using the Front flash in android is easy to implement.

So this is how you can use the front flash to record videos in a dark environment using TikTok.


Step 1: Launch your TikTok App.

Unlike the iPhone method, you don’t necessarily need to enable any settings on Android devices.

If it follows a straightforward method.

All you have to do first is to launch your TikTok app.


Step 2: Click on the Plus icon ‘+’ at the bottom corner of the TikTok Home screen.

This is to create a new video.


Step 3: Tap the Flip and Flash Icon.

Once you have tapped the plus icon, a  screen for recording a new video will be displayed.

So we will focus on the right side of the screen, and tap the Flip icon, to switch from the back camera to the front camera.

And as well, tap the Flash Icon, which is the last one in the row. This will enable the front flash on your android device.


Note, you must ensure to tap the Flip icon first before the Flash.


How to Get Front Flash on iPhone 11 TikTok


iPhone doesn’t come with a front flash either. To get a Front flash on the iPhone 11, TikTok.

  • Step 1: Navigate to your Settings
  • Step 2: Tap on Accessibility
  • Step 3: Click on Display and Text Size
  • Step 4: Enable Classic Invert


How Do I Make My TikTok Screen Flash?


To make your TikTok screen flash on any device, all you have to do is launch the TikTok Application and tap the ‘+‘ at the bottom corner of your TikTok Home screen.


At the right corner of the recording screen, tap the Flip and the Flash Icon, the last on the list.

Ensure you have followed the steps I discussed above for Android devices and iPhones.


How Do You Get Front Flash on Android For Tiktok?


If your android device has a front flash, it will support TikTok front flash.

To get the front flash on your Android devices, launch your TikTok Application, and click on the plus icon ‘+’ at the bottom of your home screen.


On the new screen, tap the flip icon to switch your camera from back to front, and tap the flash Icon to enable your front flash in Your TikTok app.


Does iPhone Have a Front flash For Tiktok?


Unfortunately, No iPhone has a front Flash. Still, several features can enable you to take shots and videos using Your front camera, like the Classic Invert, Color Invert, and the Screen backlight.



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You will want to use your front flash in TikTok.

Especially when making a Video recording with your front camera in a dark environment.

In this article, I have explained how you can use the front flash in recording Videos on TikTok.

If you found this article helpful, you can share it with your friends so they can benefit from it too.

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