How to Delete Purchase History on iPhone


Whenever you purchase an App from the App store, these purchased Apps are backed up in the Purchase History.

However, while this is done automatically, some less relevant and probably not useful apps will also be stored in your Purchased History, taking up a substantial amount of space.


Uninstalling an app from your device does not necessarily mean it will be deleted from the Purchased History. Therefore, you need to find a way to explicitly delete these Apps that are either not used or irrelevant.

Many reasons are likely to lead to your Intents about deleting a particular app from your Purchase History, some of which may not be limited to:

How to Delete Purchase History on iPhone


Effective storage management or probably such apps are causing a problem with iOS updates or whatever reason (s) you may have.


However, choosing to hide an app from your Purchase History doesn’t mean such an app can be visible to other people, but once a person has your details, he can still log in to your device to view your apps.


The big question is: Can you Delete Purchase Apps from your Purchase History?

This post will find out how possible it is to delete purchased apps from your iPhone.

I will share the variant methods to remove an app from your purchase history with easy-to-understand steps.


Method 1: How To Delete Purchase History on iPhone


Unfortunately, you can’t delete an app from your purchase history, but you can hide them. This post is based on how you can hide your purchase history and not delete it because it is impossible to delete your purchase history.


Delete Purchase History on iPhone

Now that we are in the climax let’s begin understanding how you can remove Apps from your purchase history on the iPhone.

So in this method of removing Apps from your purchase history, you can simply hide the app from your purchase history, which will prevent it from showing in your Purchase History list.

Note: Clearing your purchase history simply means clearing Apps you have purchased while using your iPhone.


To delete an app from purchase history by hiding it can be done in the following steps:


  1. Step 1: Launch your Apple store.
  2. Step 2: Tap your Avatar at the top right corner of the screen to enter your apple store account.
  3. Step 3: Locate and tap on the Purchase option
  4. Step 4: All your purchased apps are displayed under all taps. To hide a particular app from the purchase history.

Locate the app you want to delete or hide, swipe your finger from right to left of the screen, and display the hide option.

Tap the hide icon to remove the specified app from your Purchase History.


How to Delete Purchase History on iPhone by Using iTunes


Method 2: How to Delete Purchase History on iPhone by Using iTunes


While method one can remove Purchase history from your iPhone, this method works similarly to method 1.

You can delete a list of purchase apps from your purchase history via iTunes.

Go to settings, select iTunes and App Store, and click on your account. Scroll down a bit where you will see Purchase History.


You will see a blue arrow pointing up. Click on this arrow to show more options. You have two choices, either Show or Don’t show. You will display a list of all Purchased Apps.

Click on one app by one, then press the remove icon at the right corner.

A confirmation dialog will be displayed, confirmed by pressing, Ok.


Now, what is happening here? You are Using iTunes to remove Purchased Apps from your Purchase History.

Though you will still have the app on your device, it won’t be displayed on your Purchase History.


Can You Delete Your Purchase History on The App Store?


It is important to note that you can’t permanently delete apps from the purchase history; the iPhone doesn’t support that.


However, you can hide Apps from your purchase list, which doesn’t mean that the apps have been deleted. The big deal is that the App is still available on your device, though you will no longer be able to see it on your Purchase History.

But can be redownloaded.


What Happens When You Hide An App Purchase History on Your iPhone?

Get this, iPhone doesn’t support deleting apps from your Purchase History. However, you can as well hide these Apps from your Purchase History.


Once an app is hidden in your purchase history, you won’t be able to download the app, and it won’t appear in family members’ purchases.

These Apps or games won’t be deleted from your iPhone, and they are still available in your purchase history.

You can only get them back by pressing the download button in the right corner.


How to Unhide Apps From Purchase History on iPhone?


How to Unhide Apps From Purchase History on iPhone


Before you can use this app, you must ensure you have to unhide them.

To unhide hidden apps, open your app store, and click on your account icon or photo at the top of the screen. You might be required your account ID.


Scroll down and press Hidden Purchase, Choose the Manage option, and select the app you want to unhide by downloading it again.

Once your purchases are unhidden, you can now download these apps from the App Store, but you won’t pay any subscription.


Can I Delete Purchase History From My iPhone?


Unfortunately, No you can’t, you can’t delete purchase history from your iPhone, but you can hide them.

But when they are Hidden, you won’t be able to download these hidden apps, and therefore, the only option available is to, first of all, unhide these apps by downloading them from the button on the right side of the particular App you wish to download.


You can unhide hidden apps from your apps store by pressing your account icon, hovering over the remote purchases, and pressing it. A list of all apps hidden in your iPhone will be displayed.


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Video Guide







Deleting an App from your Purchase History is not possible, but iPhone provides a way where you can hide Purchased Apps from your iPhone.

And therefore, to unhide them, you have to download them directly using the button on the right side, although you aren’t going to pay for any Purchase any longer.


So in this article, I have explained the Only way you can remove Apps from your Purchase History.

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