How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions (QUICK GUIDE)


Receiving friends’ suggestions is very common with social media, especially where you have something in common. You will constantly receive Pop-up notifications on friends’ suggestions from your previous search on Instagram or from a mutual friend you share in common with friends you are connected to.

Clearing your Instagram search records does help to reduce the number of Instagram search suggestions notifications coming your way. But as long as you use your Instagram, it’s hard not to search for users you pick interest in, so you must know How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions.


How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions


Almost all Instagram users do go around searching for users they happen to pick interest in one way or the other. The more you search for users on Instagram the more the number of search suggestions you receive as a Pop-up notification on your account.

To clear your Instagram search suggestions, here is how you do it:

  • First, log in to your Instagram account.
  • Go to your profile by tapping on the profile icon at the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on the settings icon at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down to find the Privacy and Security Settings.
  • Tap on the Clear search history icon.
  • Tap again to confirm clearing your search history.

This should get rid of all your recent search history and hashtags recorded on your Instagram account. You can confirm this by going back to your home page and tapping on the search bar section, once no search suggestions are popping up you are good to go.


What are Instagram Search Suggestions


Instagram search suggestions are offered opinions by the Instagram platform itself based on your search request. These suggestions normally are topics Instagram thinks you might be interested in which are completely related to your recent search request.

Though Instagram does have a record of your past search request made, it doesn’t track to notify other users that you search for them. Instagram always places a priority to follow people whom you happen to share mutual friends with as your friend’s suggestions.

So each time you search for a user name on Instagram, you will be offered a list of suggestions of other users they believe you might have an interest in. Although there are times when you see a suggestion on users that happens to have a favorite content similar to what you recently pic interest in. 


How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions when Typing on iPhone


How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions when Typing on iPhone


There are times when Instagram makes suggestions when you type on your phone. This can be very annoying especially if you are trying to search for something quickly. To clear these suggestions, several steps can be taken.

The first step is to tap the “More” icon at the top of your screen. This will bring up a list of options like “Search“, “Explore“, and “Explore People“. Scroll down until you see the option called “Clear Search Suggestions”. Tap this option to clear all of the suggestions from your screen.


Is Instagram Search Suggestions Inappropriate?


There is nothing bad about having search suggestions on Instagram it is something good, to begin with. Most suggestions you get from Instagram are based on recent searches you have made on Accounts you have followed up or any related searches.

Instagram helps by providing users with quite a lot of topics of interest related to search requests made by users. So there is nothing inappropriate about the search suggestions users get from Instagram each time they type in the search section provided.


How to Clear Instagram Cache (GUIDE)


How to Clear Instagram Cache


Clearing Instagram Cache has brought quite a lot of contradiction amongst many users with different mobile devices. Although it has been discovered that the main way to delete Instagram Cache on an iPhone and a few other android devices is by deleting the application.

Instagram does not have the Clear Cache button that will help users to clear their cache history on Instagram. So to clear Instagram Cache records, here are a few important steps to help you out:

  • Hold down on your Instagram app icon.
  • Wait for the Pop-up menu to display.
  • Now click on remove the app from the list of options.
  • Tap on remove.
  • Now go back to reinstall the Instagram app once again.
  • Go to your App store.
  • Type on Instagram and hit the reinstall button.

Doing this will technically clear all your Instagram Cache living no trace of any left on your Instagram account. Now you can log in to your account once more, and repeat the same procedure on any iPhone or Android device when wanting to clear Cache records.


If I Clear My Cache Will Instagram Search Suggestions Stop?


Clearing your Cache records on Instagram does affect the search suggestions you get on your Instagram account. Each time you Clear Cache records on Instagram, you stop receiving Pop up search suggestions on your Instagram account.

Although the pattern in which records of previous searches are stored could only lead to stopping some parts of the search suggestions and not all. You might still have to go ahead to Clear your Instagram search suggestions if you don’t want them popping up randomly.


Why Am I Seeing Suggested Posts on Instagram?


The reason you see suggested posts on Instagram is because of the connection you are having with either the users posting or the activity posted. You constantly get post suggestions from Instagram users you happen to be connected to each time you scroll on your Instagram feed.

Another reason why you end up getting suggested posts on Instagram could be the activities you engaged yourself with. These activities might include; Who you follow on Instagram and posts you have liked, saved, or comment on, which is why you keep on getting suggested posts on Instagram.



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Clearing your search suggestions on Instagram isn’t much of a big deal long as you make good use of the information you get here. There has also been a level of control granted to the users by providing them with an option that helps to remove desired suggested profiles from their Instagram accounts.

Answers on How to Clear Instagram Search Suggestions are given here in this article for you. So if you want to get rid of search suggestions on Instagram, all that you need to know is stated for you already, please let us know if this article was of any help to you in the comment section below.

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