How to Chromecast Jio Tv (Easy Method)


Hi, are you searching for the JioTV on Chromecast?, Or maybe you want to watch Chromecast JioTV on your mobile device. Then you are just in the correct place to get the information that you want.

Yes, this article will give the details about all the jio applications and their updates that you need to deal with. Here you will get information about the JioTV application including its features.


How to Chromecast Jio Tv


How to Chromecast Jio Tv (Easy Way)


Most people are always trying to connect to the JioTV on Chromecast and some of them ask how they can make use of the JioTV on Chromecast. Here you will be provided with answers to all the queries in which are related to the application.

Jyoti is one of the most popular online and live TV applications that you will ever come across these days. JioTV is a mobile application that is well designed and comes with a lot of features like 550+ channels and 60+ HD channels.

You can install the JioTV application on your smartphone to watch any of your favorite movies and TV shows. Also if you have a Jio sim or Jio ID and password then you can easily access the JioTV application on your smartphone or another device.


How to Chromecast Jio Tv


JioTV is a free mobile application that is available on the google play store for you to download and from the Jio app store. It is designed for Jio users and you can download all the Jio applications from my Jio app store.

Chromecast JioTV through the following:

  1. You first connect your smartphone with your android TV and then open your smartphone, from there you go to settings and click on the display option.
  2. After the first step above, what next is for you to just click the cast TV option from the list shown on your smartphone.
  3. Then once you click the cast option, by now it will connect the smartphone to that of your smart TV.
  4. And once you have completed the step, you will see your phone display mirror on your smart TV, and now you can easily access your application on your smart mobile TV.

Let the above information be a guide for you on how you can connect your JioTV to the Chromecast device. So try and make use of the information as it is and enjoy the application with that of the device.


How to Cast Jio Tv to Tv


Here is another sub-topic that falls under this topic which you will need to know about as well. It is a guide that will help you to be able to cast your JioTV to that of your normal TV.


For you to be able to cast the JioTV application on your TV with the Chromecast using the android smartphone. Then you will need to follow the steps that will follow in the below information:

  1. The first thing you should do is to install the JioTV application on your android mobile device from the google play store.
  2. Then on your smartphone, you should click the cast icon and the name of the icon may vary according to the brand.
  3. From here,  you will notice that your Chromecast device will appear, and then click or tap on it to the cast.
  4. And by now, your entire smartphone mobile device screen is mirrored and then opens the JioTV application.
  5. In this step, you will need to choose any of the videos and it will be mirrored to your TV through Chromecast.
  6. And now if you want to stop the casting process and click the cast icon again and click or tap on disconnect.

Now that you have gotten the information or processes/procedures that you can make use of to cast your TV application on TV. Then you should try and make sure you use the information appropriately.


How to Use Jio Tv on Chromecast


Nowadays movies, TV shows, reality programs, and all similar entertainments are much needed for everyone on the big screen. Most people are searching for a way to use JioTV by using Chromecast.

JioTV is the most downloaded entertainment application that is available in the google play store. Now you can also enjoy the JioTV on Chromecast easily and straightforwardly.


For you to use JioTV on Chromecast, follow the steps below:

  1. First thing is that you need to download and install the JioTV casting to support the application file.
  2. Then you will open google on your smartphone browser and search for the JioTV cast application.
  3. Now you should download, from the third-party website and install the application and also install the official JioTV application.
  4. Once you install the application now make use of the same step and do the casting option on your smartphone.
  5. Now, this JioTV application will allow you to cast the screen with your TV.

The above steps or process is a simple way in which you can cast as well as watch your JioTV application on a Chromecast device. The Chromecast also supports many other live TV applications so you can watch them all on your smart TV.



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Conclusively, Chromecast is one of the most popular online and live TV applications that you will ever come across these days. JioTV is a mobile application that is well designed and comes with a lot of features like 550+ channels and 60+ HD channels.

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