How to Change the Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer?


Is your Samsung dryer not heating up? Then I guess you are looking for how to change the heating element in your Samsung dryer. But before we talk about that, you should know that the heating element is not the only part that can stop your Samsung from heating.

A simple resetting can solve your not heating problem if it’s just a mild moisture sensor problem or better still unplug and replug after some time. Thermal fuse damage, impaired thermostat, and many others can stop your dryer from heating up as well.


How to Change the Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer


How to Change the Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer


To change the heating element in a Samsung dryer, you first need to be sure that the dryer is unplugged to avoid electrocution. Disassemble your dryer by losing the screws from behind the dryer and remove the top panel of the dryer and also the control panel.

Remove the door panel to access the door switch, disconnect the moisture sensor, remove the screws holding the heater element and pull out. Now that the heater element is out, disconnect all the wires carefully without forgetting the position of each wire removed.

Remove the heater element out of the housing by opening the housing and pulling the two terminals out of the ceramic block. Fix in the new element in the housing and cover, return to the dryer properly, and then test run a cycle to confirm what you just replaced.


Samsung Dryer Heating Element Price


There are different models of Samsung dryers and each dryer model has its Samsung heating element different from the other. The price of these elements is not the same either, so be sure to know the model you are using and avoid trying to fix a heating element meant for a different model.

A new Samsung dryer heating element usually cost between $40 and $200 depending on the model you are using. There are extra charges applied to the fixing and the charges depend on the problem as it may be an issue with the heating element or the thermostat.

You must call the attention of an expert if you lack the skills to do it yourself or are scared of causing further damage. Check for your heater element details on your dryer manual as you make the order to avoid getting a set of elements meant for a different dryer.


Where to Buy Samsung Dryer Heating Element


You need not worry as to where to buy your Samsung dryer heating element from when you can order that online. You just need to know the actual heating element model you need and pick out the right one on the order list you are given.

There are locations close to stores that do sell these spare parts, you can make the call and send the picture or model number. Get an expert to help you fix the new package to your dryer by removing the old one and replacing it with the new one.


Where is the Reset Button on a Samsung Dryer?


Where is the Reset Button on a Samsung Dryer?


A drier reset button on a Samsung dryer is mostly on the control panel on the top visible in plain sight. To reset the dryer, press this reset button and wait patiently for a few seconds for your dryer to reset and turn on which works in most Samsung dryer models.

You can as well reset your Samsung dryer by Unplugging it or turning off the power supply from the circuit breaker. You then give it time for the dryer to cool off then you turn it back on, this works just fine In case your model is not resetting using the first step.


Why Is My Samsung Dryer Blowing out Cold Air?


The main reason as to why a Samsung dryer does blow cold air is because the dryer is overheating isn’t that a twist of event. So each time you noticed your dryer is emitting cold air but is hot from working all day, you should know that it’s entirely normal.

In most Samsung dryer models, it could be due to the thermal overload cut-out that is designed to stop working if your dryer gets too hot. A simple resetting will allow your dryer to cool off, reset by hitting the resetting button, or by unplugging the dryer from the power source.


What Would Cause a Samsung Dryer Not to Heat?


One of the reasons that can cause a Samsung dryer not to heat up is a blown thermal fuse, a safety that helps avert fire outbreaks. Once your Samsung dryer temperature begins to heat up, the thermal fuse gets blown up and cuts out the power supply from the power source to the dryer.

A faulty thermostat also known as a temperature sensor is another reason why your Samsung dryer won’t get heated. The thermostat is located close to the heating element in most Samsung dryers, call for an expert to help replace the damaged one with a new one.

Lack of access to cross-ventilation can stop a Samsung dryer from getting hot, a blocked ventilation ends up turning a dryer off before a complete cycle. Check the external vent that takes air from the dryer and deposits it outside the hose if it’s cleaned, if not do that at least once annually.

A defective heating element can also cause your Samsung dryer not to heat up which is caused by wear and tear or too much pressure on the heating elements. Check for damaged coils using a multimeter, if any then you will need to replace the heating elements.



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This article is all about the Samsung dryer’s heating element and more, as we all know that there are various models of Samsung dryer. Every model has a specific peculiarity when it comes to the spear parts and troubleshooting guides as well.

Knowing How to Change the Heating Element in a Samsung Dryer is something you can pick up from the troubleshooting guide. Scared of trying it out yourself? Then you call out for service support for an extra hand, feel free to leave a comment here if you need help.

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