How To Change Battery Color On An iPhone [EASY WAY]


Sometimes, you partly wish to contribute to the appearance of your iPhone device. Probably on the verge of making it look more enticing and appealing to the eyes.

This oftentimes leads to the intent of making custom changes to your iPhone widgets and buttons.

However, it’s so unfortunate, that not all of your desired customizations can easily be granted to you, most have been restricted by the producer.

While most require third-party Applications, with Jailbroken iPhone devices, others do not.


The subject of today’s article relies on the big question How To Change Battery Color On iPhone.

While using an iPhone, you experience your battery color showing only 3 colors, I am sure you know why.

The standard indicator color is white, while red indicates that your battery is very low, yellow indicates low battery mode, and green indicates that the device has enough power or is charging.


How To Change Battery Color On An iPhone


Reiterating the big question, can you change your iPhone’s battery color?

To answer this question, explicitly, the answer is No.

You can’t change your battery’s color to any other color, older than the applied ones by Apple themselves.

There are some tweaks you can do to change your battery’s color on the iphone, though it may not be the desirable color you wish for.


How to Change The Color Of The iPhone


How to Change The Color Of The iPhone


As I have stated repeatedly, you can’t change the color of your iPhone battery color, unless you have a Jailbroken iPhone.

Using a Jailbroken iPhone allows you to make custom changes to your iPhone, and as well, it removes all the system restrictions available on your iPhone.

If you have a Jailbroken iPhone, certain apps can help you change your iPhone battery color to your desired color.

But I will not recommend Jailbreaking your iPhone, because it will certainly render your iPhone almost useless.

But if you still want to consider customizing your iPhone battery colors, you can go ahead.


When Does My iPhone Get The Red Battery icon?


I am pretty sure, you might have seen your iphone get a red battery Icon, and probably you weren’t able to figure out what it is.

When you see your iPhone battery displaying Red, it indicates that your battery is low, this mostly happens, if you had used your iPhone to charge up to about 90%.

Once your iPhone gets to this level, a warning alert will be displayed, alerting you of the need to charge your iPhone.


How to Change Battery Color On iPhone?


How to Change Battery Color On iPhone?


iPhone doesn’t have any feature that can help you change the color of your iPhone battery unless you are using a Jailbroken iPhone.

To change your iPhone battery’s color, you need to know the colors available on the iPhone.

The red color will display if your iPhone is low, the yellow color will display if you have set your iphone to low power mode, and green, if your iPhone is charging, and it will display white if you aren’t charging your iPhone.

However, there are still some other tweaks that you can change in your iPhone Settings.


How to Change Battery Color On iPhone to Black or White


You can change your battery’s color to black and white, on your iPhone device, however, if you want to do this, you can either wish to choose the dark mode or the light mode appearance of your device.


To change your battery’s color to either white or black.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and tap on Display and Brightness
  • Step 3: Choose either Light or Dark mode.


Why is My iPhone Battery’s Color Yellow?


The yellow color in your iPhone battery indicates the Low Power Mode feature.

Once the Low Power Mode feature is turned on, you won’t be able to carry out most functionalities on your iPhone.

iPhone automatically changes your battery color to yellow, once it reaches 80%.


Why is The My iPhone Battery icon White, Not Green, When charging?


When you are charging your iPhone and your battery icon is showing white instead of green, then, it simply means, there is some level of fault somewhere.

Therefore, you should make sure to check your iPhone’s charger or rather try using a different charger instead.


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By now you should have the option to choose either Jailbreaking your iPhone device, or keening in with the default colors associated with your iPhone’s battery.

However, there isn’t any official way to change the color of your battery’s icon to your preferred color, making it uncommon to jailbreak your device.


In this article, I have explained how you can change the color of your iphone battery icon, I am sure you were able to benefit from this guide.

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