How Many Reports To Get Banned On Snapchat (Quick Check)


Are you wondering how many reports can get someone banned on Snapchat? In this article, I will walk you through an in-depth guide on how many reports can get you or someone banned from using Snapchat.


Snapchat maintains strict community guidelines. Whenever these guidelines are violated there is a penalty, either by getting your account banned, or giving you a warning response.

However, when a report is made to Snapchat, Snapchat ensures critical investigation and assessment of the level of violation the report has.

If after the investigation of the report, it is found that such a post or account has violated the community guidelines, such post will be taken down or gets the account banned.


How Many Reports To Get Banned On Snapchat (Quick Check)


In another perspective, the actions taken towards a report depends on the magnitude of the case, most cases that are less severe are given lesser actions compared to more severe ones.

There are several reasons, why you might get banned on Snapchat, which are:

  • Explicitly Sharing hate speech
  • Sending spam messages
  • Sending messages that could breach one’s security.


How Many Reports To Get Banned On Snapchat


How Many Reports To Get Banned On Snapchat


Whenever you see content on Snapchat that explicitly violates the community guidelines of Snapchat, you might be wondering, how many times will such an account be reported to get banned on Snapchat.


Let’s dive deep into the question.

Whenever you file a report to Snapchat, Snapchat critically scrutinizes the content of that report, by assessing how the snap-in question has violated the community guidelines.


Most reports turn into actions that get the person’s account banned, while some other reports might produce a warning message, this is based on the magnitude of what was reported.

Once the review and investigation have been made, a conclusion would be drawn out, this is to determine the extent to which the guidelines have been violated, and to proffer appropriate punishment for the person, either by getting the person’s account banned or sending a warning message.


In another view, let’s say you have been reported before, and such a report has attracted a warning message from Snapchat to you, if such a report is filed against you again, there is a tendency that you might get your account banned from Snapchat.

In summary, the amount of reports is dependent on the severity of the violation. You are likely to get banned if you have violated the community guidelines, you can also get banned based on the number of violations you have made on the same Subject.

Therefore, a report to an account can be once or more.


What Gets Your Account Banned on Snapchat?


There are several reasons why your account might get banned on Snapchat, it is very necessary to be conscious of the community guidelines of Snapchat, So as not to violate their rules and regulations.

Here are some of the actions you might commit that are likely to get your account banned on Snapchat, therefore, engaging in an action synonymous with these, would place your account as a candidate for banning on Snapchat.


  1. Sexually Explicitly Contents

We prohibit accounts that promote or distribute pornographic contents that contain high nudity.

Cases like child sexual exploitation, sending of nudes, or sexually Explicitly images are highly prohibited, and therefore if found, you might get banned on Snapchat.


  • Harassment & Bullying

Bullying and Harassment of any kind are prohibited by Snapchat, therefore, if you are reported an issue on this you might get your account banned.

Also blackmailing, and sharing another person’s private photos- bedroom, bathroom,  Without the consent of the person is not allowed.

Snapchat places a higher priority on respecting one’s privacy, and not invading one’s privacy.


  • Threats, Violence & Harm

Snapchat does not encourage any kind of violence or exhibition of radical or dangerous behavior that could serve as a threat to one’s life.

Advertising or promoting violence and displaying several uses of violent or harmful equipment are likely to get you banned on Snapchat.

Threats and harm are all prohibited whilst on Snapchat.


  • Impersonation, Deceptive Practices & False Information

False personation, claiming another person’s identification is prohibited on Snapchat. This includes impersonating your Friend, celebrities, brands, or any other organizations.

Misinformation and Disinformation are not allowed, ensure you have your source of information reliable before sharing it on Snapchat.


How Long Are Snapchat Bans?


The length or range of Snapchat bans depends on the level of severity of the violation. Most Snapchat is released after 24 hours of the report, probably because it has a lower level of community guidelines violations.

However, some other bans could take longer than that, probably closely 2 weeks to 1 month.


What Happens When a Report is Made on Snapchat?


When a report is made on Snapchat, probably a result of coming across content that is deemed to violate the community guidelines of Snapchat.

A team of investigators will look into the case to determine the seriousness of the issue and to find related punishment for such a violation.

If the violation is less serious, it might attract a warning message, but if the violation is serious, you might get locked up from your account.


How To Report A Snap-On Snapchat?


  • Step 1: Open the Snap you wish to report
  • Step 2: Tap on the Three dots at the top
  • Step 3: Select Report
  • Step 4: Select the reasons for reporting the account
  • Step 5: Tap Submit


Can Someone Know If I Reported His Snaps?

No, Snapchat doesn’t notify the person to who you are reporting his snap, the process is anonymous.


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Wrapping up


Coming down to the conclusion, I have written this article in all levels of persuasiveness, however, there isn’t any stipulated time that a report could take.

Report actions and response depends on the seriousness of the violation.

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