How Long Does A Tiktok Appeal Take (Quick Check)


Have you ever gotten your video taken down or suspended by TikTok? This often happens when your video(s) doesn’t go in line with their terms and conditions or probably have gotten some guidelines violated. The official way to go about this is by sending an appeal to TikTok.


Most times you tend to find your video taken down or suspended by TikTok because it has violated some rules. Once this occurs, the best action you could consider is to send an appeal to TikTok.

If truly, your video did not violate any community guidelines or was probably taken down by mistake, your appeal will help you get things done.


How Long Does A Tiktok Appeal Take


However, the duration of response to your Appeals is what matters, most times, response to your Appeals depends on the magnitude of the case at hand.

While some may take only a few days to respond, others might take up to months.


How Long Does A Tiktok Appeal Take


There is a great level of uncertainty about how long TikTok appeals do take, appeals that are easier to resolve are responded first by TikTok, while appeals requiring a comprehensive review may take a longer time to respond.

However, most appeals do take about 2 – 3 days to respond to. While most users do express TikTok taking up to a month to respond.


As I have stated, how long an appeal takes, depends on the magnitude of the case.

It’s been observed that TikTok uses some system of appeals prioritization. Appeals that are less prioritized and therefore, respond may not take a longer time, while appeals that contain serious cases are given a higher level of priority.

The assessment used by TikTok in terms of how long it responds to your Appeals is based on the following factors:


  • The Seriousness Of The Issue.

How serious is the issue presented, most issues that are more serious tend to require a longer time to respond, this is as a result of certain actions that need to be taken while reviewing the case.

Some issues require the attention of certain bodies, most especially in terms of copyright infringement.


  • How was the TikTok taken down

Videos or contents on TikTok can be taken down in several ways, either through their bot system or via users’ reports.

Most videos that are taken down through the reports from users, do take a longer time to review. While the ones taken down by automated systems or bots are likely to take longer time as well, some do not.


  • User’s Integrity and Trustworthy

Most users can be deemed to be known by TikTok in filing false accusations of certain TikTok contents. The user’s integrity and Trustworthiness, also determine how long an appeal can take.


  • History of your Appeals

Most appeals might have been sent a long time ago, and therefore, might require urgent attention by the TikTok regulatory body.

Therefore the big answer to the question above is! The duration of an appeal doesn’t have a definitive answer, it depends on certain factors that will be considered.


How Long Do TikTok Appeals Take?


When you appeal to TikTok, it’s uncertain how long it takes to receive a response from TikTok.

The duration of your Appeals varies on the magnitude and level of prioritization of your issue. Most appeals with a higher level of priority can take a longer time to respond to, but appeals with a low level of priority can take a shorter time.

Several other factors and variables can be measured in determining how long an appeal will take on TikTok, such as  Users Integrity, History of your Appeals, and the likes.


Tiktok Not Responding To Appeal


How Long Does A Tiktok Appeal Take


Most appeals take a longer time to respond, if you have this issue of TikTok not replying to your Appeal, the best action to take is to have patience.

Because there are so many appeals available to answer.


How Does The Appeals Process Work?


Once you have filed an Appeal to TikTok, your video or account will be critically reviewed, based on an assessment if your contents have violated any of the stipulated community guidelines.

If after the review process has been completed, and it is found out that you haven’t violated any rules, your video will be put back on your page.

But if it has violated any community guidelines, your video will be permanently deleted.


What Is the Deadline for Appeals?


TikTok has a definitive and strict deadline Policy, once your account has been taken down or banned by TikTok, the best thing you can do is to file an appeal immediately.

After some substantial amount of time, the notification for appeal will disappear from your inbox.

This means that the timeframe to send an appeal has ended. Therefore, whenever you send an appeal, you are more likely to receive the following response: Appeal Deadline Expired. The only option available is to contact the customer support center.


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It could be frustrating having your account banned or your contents are taken down by TikTok, which mostly happens as a result of the detection of violated contents.

Therefore, with this, TikTok, makes it possible to file an appeal statement. Once an Appeal statement is sent to TikTok, it might take up to 24-72 hours to respond.

By the time of your Appeals, the issue. will be critically reviewed by TikTok, to check if you have violated any of the TikTok rules or not.

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