How Do I Know if My Contacts Are Saved on My Phone or Sim


Contacts are either saved on the phone or on a Sim card depending on the storage location settings on your phone. Although most Sim cards have limited storage capacity and so most android users prefer using the phone storage while others still prefer the Sim due to the possibility of a Welcome Back.

Are you curious to know what the default settings are on the contact storage on your mobile device? Then let me show you in this post How to check and Know if your Contacts Are Saved on the Phone or Sim card and how to possibly change the default settings Manually.


How Do I Know if My Contacts Are Saved on My Phone or Sim


The most common way to know if your contacts are saved to phone or Sim is by unmounting the Sim card. Removing the Sim will confirm it all, contacts still seen on the phone while the Sim is removed are saved on the phone storage and not Sim.

You will notice some contacts have gone missing, those missing are saved on your Sim and are only accessible when the Sim is fixed into a mobile phone. This is the most easiest and common way for you to know if your contacts are saved to your phone storage or Sim.

You can know the number of contacts saved on your mobile phone storage or Sim, first, go to the settings, and tap on “Applications and Permission“. Next, you tap on “System App settings” and then tap on “Contacts” and you should be able to see the list of contacts saved on phone storage and Sim.


How to Check Where My Contacts Are Saved iPhone


How to Check Where My Contacts Are Saved iPhone


When dealing with an iPhone, you should know that iPhone does not save contacts on Sim, all contacts are saved on the phone’s internal storage. iPhones in general are modern devices and modern devices save contacts on their internal storage not on Sim.

To check where My contacts are saved on your iPhone, You will have to go to settings, then tap on “Contacts” and then tap on “Default Accounts“. Not all new contacts are directly stored on your iPhone’s internal storage, they only get imported to the Sim when being accessed.

So each time you view your contacts and see them be on Sim, know it’s not their storage location, they are nearly getting imported. You can have more than a single account from which you can choose which to use in Sync your iPhone contacts, but even a single account can suffice.


Should I Save Contacts to Sim or Phone or Google


Well, a question like this is kind of a matter of choice, many would be very much satisfied with their contacts saved on Sim. A lot more are very much ok with saving their numbers on the phone’s internal storage and of cause, you know what a Google Account means and does.

I would recommend that smartphone users save their contacts on their Google account at all times if possible. You won’t need to start going up and down trying to welcome back your Sim or fix your broken phone to access your contacts, they are saved and accessible.

All you need is your Google account Logins, and sign up your Google on the phone you wish to make use of. Now once the Google account is linked to the phone, all contacts will automatically reflect on your phone’s contact list. Repeat the same process each time you change a new phone.


How to Check if Phone Numbers Are Saved to Sim iPhone


To check if phone numbers are saved to Sim on iPhone, first, go to the phone’s contact app settings and tap on “Display contact“. Next, you will see a page showing Sim and phone storage contact locations, by default all storage locations will be selected. 

Each you tap will show you the list of contacts saved on it, though by default All contacts are selected only phone storage does have the highest contact list. There you should be able to know if your phone numbers are saved to Sim on your iPhone or to internal storage.


How Do I Know if Contacts Are Saved to Sim or Phone Android


To check if phone numbers are saved to Sim or phone on Android, first go to the phone’s contact app settings and tap on “Display contact“. Next, you will see a page showing Sim and phone storage contact locations, by default all storage locations will be selected.

Now each contact list selected will only show the contacts from the source that you have selected. Most times, you will need to enable the “Show Sim Contacts” to be able to view contacts stored on your Sim. No, you can customize the storage settings if you want to.


How to Check Where Contacts Are Stored on Android


Android has a lot of features that make it easy to use. One of the features is its contact management. This guide will show you how to check where your contacts are stored on Android.

The first step in finding out where your contacts are stored on Android is by going into the settings menu and clicking on “Contacts.” Scroll down until you see the “Address book” section and click the “Add new” button at the bottom of this screen, which will open up a screen with three options: “Phone“, “SIM card“, and “External SD card.” Click on whichever one corresponds to your device.

From here, you should be able to see your contacts and the apps that have access to them.If you would like to remove an app from accessing your contacts, go back into Settings and click on “Apps” in the section below Contacts. From this screen, choose which app you would like to remove from contact storage and click on “Remove contact.”


How Do I Transfer Contacts from Phone to SIM?


The first step is to insert the SIM card into your phone. If you have a new phone, it should come with a SIM card already inserted. If not, you can purchase one at any electronics store for about $10.

Next, locate the contacts on your old phone and transfer them to the SIM card by following these steps:

  1. On your old phone, open the dialer app and enter *#*#4636#*#*
  2. On the next screen that appears, select “Storage” and then “Migrate
  3. Now select “Phonebook” from the list of available options and follow the prompts to transfer all of your contacts to your new SIM card.


Will I Lose My Contacts if I Change Sim Card?


The answer is yes. Your contacts and phone number will be lost if you change your SIM card, but there are some ways to save them.

Changing your SIM card could cause a loss of contact information, but there are a few ways to avoid this. You can back up all your contacts on your old SIM card before you change it, or you can use the Google Contacts app to export them to the cloud.

If you have a smartphone, the easiest way to save your contacts is by using iCloud or Google Backup and Sync apps.


How Do I See What is Stored on My Sim Card?


“Sim card” is a term used to refer to the little piece of plastic that is inserted into a device that uses mobile phone technology. It is also known by many other names, such as “smart card,” “SIM,” and “subscriber identity module.”

The sim card stores data on your phone and allows you to use it. The sim card can also store information about your billing, call history, text messages, contacts, and more. The sim card also contains a unique ID number which helps identify it from other sim cards.



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You can always tell if your contacts are stored on your phone’s storage or Sim by just going to your phone contact. Some android device shows default storage by the right of each contact but many don’t and you will have to check the location manually.

Default storage settings for all most android and iPhones are the internal phone storage, most contact seen are imported automatically to the Sim for easy access. If you wish to learn more about How you can Know if your Contacts Are Saved on your Phone or Sim, then tap on the comment box below.

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