How I FIxed My Ge Triton Xl Dishwasher Won’t Drain


Normally all electrical appliances experience wear and tear with time, the only way out is steady maintenance. Fixing all faulty parts that need fixing and replacing damaged parts that do not pass the continuity test to avoid any more damage to the dishwasher.

Once your GE Triton XL dishwasher is not draining, there are dozens of possible reasons that could cause that. But More importantly, know how to troubleshoot a Triton XL dishwasher, you can do so by downloading the troubleshooting guide for the Triton XL dishwasher model.


Why GE Dishwasher Will Not Drain?


One of the reasons why a GE dishwasher will not drain water could be due to a blown thermal fuse (a safety device that prevents overheating). The dishwasher won’t start if the thermal fuse has failed and power is cut out at the control board and so draining is entirely not possible.


The touchpad is the button used to select the cycles, once the touchpad connection is bad dishwasher won’t drain due to bad communication with the control board. Check your main control board and be sure it’s working and still sends power to the dishwasher.

There are about a dozen reasons why your GE dishwasher will not drain, so to solve that, you need to know the exact problem you are having at hand. Get a troubleshooting manual guide for your dishwasher model, read carefully and understand how your dishwasher model work.


How I FIxed My Ge Triton Xl Dishwasher Won’t Drain


How I FIxed My Ge Triton Xl Dishwasher Won’t Drain


There is a couple of different model of a GE dishwasher, most problems of these dishwashers are draining problems. There are plenty of possible reasons that can cause your GE dishwasher not to drain, so it’s important that you know how to troubleshoot your dishwasher.

To all GE Triton XL dishwashers that won’t drain, double-check for blockage around draining pumps and hoses. Remove all filters and ultra-fine filters and check underneath for clogged debris and food residues for all dishwashers using filters.

Check for any faulty drain pump impeller as this can cause the entire dishwasher drainage to malfunction. The impeller forces water out through the pump and once damaged, the whole drain pump will have to be changed completely for your dishwasher to get back to normal.


How Do You Force a GE Dishwasher to Drain?


How Do You Force a GE Dishwasher to Drain?


To force a GE dishwasher to drain, just follow these few steps: first press and hold the start button for a few seconds. The dishwasher will begin to drain, pay attention to the draining sound and wait until it makes no more sound then check to confirm if water has drained.

Do this same process if there is any retained water or each time you wish to force drain your GE dishwasher.  Dishwasher not draining could cause recirculation of dirty water resulting in smelling dishes or dent dishes with dirty food residues.

One of the common reasons or causes of GE dishwashers not draining may be due to solid food residues clogged in drain pumps. A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function. Clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.


How Do You Clean the Drain Hose on a Ge Triton Xl Dishwasher?


To clean the drain hose on a GE Triton XL dishwasher, first, check the drain hose connection point to the dishwasher and loss the hose. Clean out the hose and also clean the inlet screen in the dishwasher as well and then fix the drain hose back to the dishwasher.

Check your drain pump and clean all debris that may have clogged, remove the rear filter, and clean if dirty. Check out the valve and make sure it can open and close freely, replace the filter and valve if damaged to avoid backflow of water and then restore power.


How Do You Reset a Ge Dishwasher Drain?


How Do You Reset a Ge Dishwasher Drain?


To reset a GE dishwasher, press the Start button or Reset button during a cycle to restart the dishwasher. For those using a top-loading dishwasher, you will have to open the top of the dishwasher, press the button, and close it to restart the dishwasher.

Another way to reset your GE dishwasher is by pressing the Start or Reset button on the appliance and waiting for a few minutes. You may need to reboot the dishwasher by turning off the power to the appliance from the main power source If your dishwasher refuses to start.

You can easily reset a GE dishwasher by Unplugging it from the power source or turning off the power from the core circuit breaker. Be patient for the electric current to clear out completely from the dishwasher and then turn on the power supply.


What Do You Do if Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining?


Once your dishwasher stops draining, what to do is open the front panel of the dishwasher and check. Pull out the screen and check for junks and debris all over also remove the filters in case of dishwasher models that are using removable fine and ultra-fine filters.

If you see any piled-up debris around the filter, clean the filter thoroughly with soap and warm water and fix it back. Run a cycle on your dishwasher and see if it’s draining or still not draining water after a complete wash cycle, then you will know it’s a pump issue and needs to be fixed.

A faulty drain pump can be fixed and in such a case, you may need to call on the attention of a specialist to help you fix a new one. A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function, so do clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.



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The reason behind the GE Triton Xl Dishwasher model not Draining is probably the SE reason for all other dishwasher models. But knowing it is a circuit shortage, pilled-up debris, lack of communication, loss or burnt wire will be of great help.

Knowing the exact problem will help you know the troubleshooting guide that you will need to follow in solving that problem. Regular maintenance can help avert such problems especially when the appliance has been in use for a very long time.

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