Ge Dishwasher Failure to Drain (How I Fixed My Own)


All dishwashers a designed for one purpose and that is to wash dirty dishes clean and do away with the dirty and used water. This dirty water is drained via draining pumps and hoses into a sink before getting disposed of completely by the user manually.

Once your GE dishwasher fails to drain, then you will need to troubleshoot the case as there are few possible causes of such a problem. Get to know the normal level or amount of water for every GE dishwasher and avoid creating problems all by yourself unknowingly.


Why is Ge Dishwasher Not Draining Water


Why is Ge Dishwasher Not Draining Water


For a GE dishwasher to not drain water, Check if the GE dishwasher filter is full. A GE dishwasher filter helps prevent food particles from clogging the pumps. A clogged or junked filter will restrict water flow resulting in your dishwasher not draining water properly.

It is better if you remove all solid particles and food residues from the filter before running a cycle on your dishwasher. Although it is best recommended that you run a regular cleaning of the filter before cycle and after every cycle keeping the dishwasher neat and ready for use.

Another cause for GE dishwasher not draining water is “too much dishwasher detergent”, which produces too many suds that affects the draining system. A blocked or kinked drain hose will impair water flow to the connected sink drain or garbage disposal during a cycle.


An air gap helps prevent the backflow of water from the sink drain but when damaged or clogged with debris, water drainage becomes difficult. Check your garbage drainage system and be sure it’s in good health and no drain plugs are restricting water flow.



How To Fix Ge Dishwasher Failure to Drain


How To Fix Ge Dishwasher Failure to Drain


To all GE dishwashers refusing to drain, double-check for blockage around draining pumps and hoses. Remove all filters and ultra-fine filters and check underneath for clogged debris and food residues for all dishwashers using fine and ultra-fine filters.

Check for all possible solid materials and food particles at the button of the dishwasher close to the tub. Drain all hose and pumps where it connects to the sink drain, and install a new drain hose regular to your dishwasher to help improve its effectiveness.

Clear sink of garbage, dispose of all garbage to a bin, and always run the disposal before running the dishwasher to avoid clogs. Check for any air gap obstruction, also check for any badly installed garbage disposal, or a damaged drain pump motor and also check and replace old hoses.

Check for any faulty drain pump impeller as this can cause an entire GE dishwasher drainage to malfunction. The impeller forces water out through the pump and once damaged, the whole drain pump will have to be changed completely for your dishwasher to get back to normal.


Why is Ge Dishwasher Not Draining Completely


Why is Ge Dishwasher Not Draining Completely


Matters with GE dishwasher not Draining completely could possibly be due to Drain Hose being Blocked or Kinked. The drain hose of every dishwasher connects directly to the sink drain or garbage disposal and helps to drain used water during and after a wash cycle.

Blocked or kinked Drainrain Hose restricts water flow leaving water stagnant in the dishwasher after every wash cycle. Not draining already used water can cause dirty water recirculation back to the top causing dent and smelling dishes even after a wash cycle is complete.

Watch the amount of detergent you pour, as too much detergent can create too much suds thereby affecting the drainage system.  A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function, so do clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.

A newly installed garbage disposal connected to the dishwasher may still have a drain plug that affects water flow. Disposal clogs most of the time cause dishwasher draining issues, pull the clogs out and check, fix properly if poorly fixed but replace if damaged.

Remove the air gap cover and clean out all debris using your hands or a clean material like a paper towel. The air gap may become clogged with debris from daily use and might need regular cleaning and maintenance to be able to drain completely.


How Do You Fix a Ge Dishwasher That Won’t Drain?


How Do You Fix a Ge Dishwasher That Won't Drain


A GE dishwasher not draining is not a good sign at all, it’s very important that we all know how to fix a GE dishwasher that won’t drain. That way, we will avert the risk of further damage to the dishwasher and also prevent dirty dishes from piling up in the sink.

To fix a GE dishwasher that won’t drain, you will need to drain the pipe and garbage disposal to avoid clogging. Although there are many possible causes of dishwasher not draining even at that, draining the garbage disposal is a step towards fixing such problems.

You might need to clean the screen at the button of the dishwasher, and gently pull out the screen without damaging it. Beneath the screen is a little drain passage covered with a filter-like object, once clogged your GE dishwasher won’t drain, pull it out and clean.

Depending on your dishwasher model, you may need to remove the filter in the GE dishwasher using fine and ultra-fine filters. Check for debris and remove all clogged materials, clean with warm water and detergent properly and then fix back into the dishwasher.

How Do You Force a Ge Dishwasher to Drain?

To force a GE dishwasher to drain, just follow these few steps: first press and hold the start button for a few seconds. The dishwasher will begin to drain, pay attention to the draining sound and wait until it makes no more sound then check to confirm if water has drained.

Do this same process if there is any retained water or each time you wish to force drain your GE dishwasher.  Dishwasher not draining could cause recirculation of dirty water resulting in smelling dishes or dent dishes with dirty food residues.

One of the common reasons or causes for GE dishwashers to not drain may be due to solid food residues clogged in drain pumps. A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function. Clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.

Forcing a GE dishwasher to drain works for all dishwasher models and the brand thought a slight difference in the steps but the process is the same. It is way much better to fix your dishwasher not draining than get it to use force draining.

You can force drain your dishwasher before getting the attention of service support but don’t do it for long. Doing this nonstop will only weaken your dishwasher’s integrity with time which is bad. Get all faulty parts replaced and call the service center for regular maintenance.


How Do I Know if My Drain Pump is Working?


Not all GE dishwasher not draining issues are due to faulty with the drain pump, the more reason we all need to know if our drain pump is working or not. Pilled-up junk can cause a drain pump not to work normally and even cause a backflow of dirty water to the sink.

To know if your drain pump is working, you will have to open the front panel of the dishwasher and check. Pull out the screen and check for junks and debris all over also remove the filters in case of dishwasher models that are using removable fine and ultra-fine filters.

Once you noticed pilled-up debris all over the filter, clean the filter thoroughly with soap and warm water and fix it back. Run a cycle on your dishwasher and see if it’s draining or still not draining water after a complete wash cycle, then you will know it’s a pump issue and needs to be fixed.

A faulty drain pump can be fixed and in such a case, you may need to call on the attention of a specialist to help you fix a new one. A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function, so do clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.



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Once a Ge Dishwasher Fails to Drain, you should know that there are plenty of reasons that can cause such a problem. So it is important that you know if you are dealing with a damage issue that needs replacement or a service issue that needs maintenance.


There are things that you can deal with yourself without having to call for any repair specialist to help you. Take out time and go through this post and get to know how to fix your faulty drain pumps and also how to maintain and keep your GE dishwasher neat and ready for use.

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