Troubleshooting Guide For Ge Cafe Dishwasher Not Draining


The most common cause of a GE cafe dishwasher not draining is mostly related to the drainage system. Having clogged drainage with food particles and any forms of solid products is not really good for any dishwasher to begin with.

The primary purpose is to find out why is your GE cafe dishwasher not draining before you go about looking for the best solution on the ground. All that you will need to know about troubleshooting a faulty dishwasher is all in the manual script.


Why is Ge Cafe Dishwasher Not Draining


  • To all GE dishwashers refusing to drain, double-check for blockage around draining pumps and hoses. Remove all filters and ultra-fine filters and check underneath for clogged debris and food residues for all dishwashers using fine and ultra-fine filters.
  • Another cause for GE dishwasher not draining water is “too much dishwasher detergent”, which produces too many suds that affects the draining system. A blocked or kinked drain hose will impair water flow to the connected sink drain or garbage disposal during a cycle.
  • An air gap helps prevent the backflow of water from the sink drain but when damaged or clogged with debris, water drainage becomes difficult. Check your garbage drainage system and be sure it’s in good health and no drain plugs are restricting water flow.


How to Fix Ge Cafe Dishwasher That is Not Draining


How to Fix Ge Cafe Dishwasher That is Not Draining


To fix a GE dishwasher that won’t drain, you will need to drain the pipe and garbage disposal to avoid clogging. Although there are many possible causes of dishwasher not draining even at that, draining the garbage disposal is a step towards fixing such problems.

You might need to clean the screen at the button of the dishwasher, and gently pull out the screen without damaging it. Beneath the screen is a little drain passage covered with a filter-like object, once clogged your GE dishwasher won’t drain, pull it out and clean.

Depending on your dishwasher model, you may need to remove the filter in the GE dishwasher using fine and ultra-fine filters. Check for debris and remove all clogged materials, clean with warm water and detergent properly and then fix back into the dishwasher.


How Do I Clear a Clogged Ge Dishwasher?


How Do I Clear a Clogged Ge Dishwasher


To clear a clogged GE dishwasher, you first need to turn off the dishwasher and then Lose it from the counter for more free access space. Turn off the water supply valve and then remove the drain hose from the sink drain and also from the garbage disposal.

Carefully Stretch all kinks and also try to flush the pump preferably using running water from the tap to do so. Return back the hose to the sink drain and the garbage disposal, and turn on the water supply to confirm that all blockages are now removed and water flows normally.

Just so you know, long as the hose is damaged or completely blocked and can’t be removed, it needs to be replaced. To replace a hose pump, will require you to screw out the damaged hose and replacing with a new one, check the manual for a troubleshooting guide.


How Do You Force a Dishwasher to Drain?


How Do You Force a Dishwasher to Drain?


To force a GE dishwasher to drain, just follow these few steps: first press and hold the start button for a few seconds. The dishwasher will begin to drain, pay attention to the draining sound and wait until it makes no more sound then check to confirm if water has drained.

Do this same process if there is any retained water or each time you wish to force drain your GE dishwasher.  Dishwasher not draining could cause recirculation of dirty water resulting in smelling dishes or dent dishes with dirty food residues.

One of the common reasons or causes of GE dishwashers not draining may be due to solid food residues clogged in drain pumps. A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function. Clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.


How Do I Know if My Drain Pump is Working?


To know if your drain pump is working, you will have to open the front panel of the dishwasher and check. Pull out the screen and check for junks and debris all over also remove the filters in case of dishwasher models that are using removable fine and ultra-fine filters.

Once you noticed pilled-up debris all over the filter, clean the filter thoroughly with soap and warm water and fix it back. Run a cycle on your dishwasher and see if it’s draining or still not draining water after a complete wash cycle, then you will know it’s a pump issue and needs to be fixed.

A faulty drain pump can be fixed and in such a case, you may need to call on the attention of a specialist to help you fix a new one. A clogged drain hose under the sink does also affect a GE dishwasher draining function, so do clear all draining pumps and hoses under the sink.


How Do You Check if Your Dishwasher is Clogged?


To confirm if your dishwasher is clogged, check for any Gurgling sounds, indicating that water is trying to break through a clog. Your dishwasher may shake while this sound is produced, and also check if there is any backflow of water to the sink.

Double-check for any sign of slow drainage, clogged dishwasher drains water very slowly compared to its normal draining function. Check for stagnant water in the dishwasher after a wash cycle and also check if the dishes are properly clean after a cycle.

All these signs mentioned are indicating a clogged or faulty pump that needs immediate care before getting worse. Clear all clogs, stretch kinks and replace damaged pumps if possible also try disposing of the dirty pilled-up water in the garbage disposal frequently.



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Cases with GE dishwasher not draining is mostly due to the jammed drain pump motor by solid food particles. A clogged drain hose under the sink has equally shown to be of great effect not to mention the obstruction of the air gap and also an improperly installed garbage disposal.

A faulty drain pump motor explains Why a Ge Cafe Dishwasher is not Draining and also how to solve such an issue. Take out time to go through this article and also always stick to the guidelines given in the machine’s manual, feel free to leave a comment below.

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