Why Is My FireStick So Slow? Increase The Speed


How do you feel when you are experiencing a slow or lagging Firestick? Frustrating right?. Firestick, though wonderful, can be very frustrating when it starts working slowly.

Firestick is popular and useful for streaming live and favorite movie series. The features embedded in it make it incredibly awesome to users.

While it had become a bad experience using laggy Firestick, which is more likely to bring dissatisfaction while using the app.

Initially, I could remember the feeling where my Firestick began getting slow for no reason. It took me close to three to four days to figure out how to restore things.

Well, I won’t want to consider Factory Reset, just as you won’t also, mostly when you already have usable installed apps.

Firestick slowness is caused by many factors, some of which are overheating, using outdated versions, memory level, and others.


FireStick So Slow


In this article’s cause, I will primarily explain why you are getting a slow Firestick TV and possible troubleshooting techniques to resolve it.

Stay back while you explore 🤟


Why Firestick is Slow


Let’s go more generically and practically; as a human being, you will find yourself in a fatigued state when overworked. 

Any work done by you probably won’t be as effective as expected.

Similar to an android and desktop environment, once a mobile phone or a desktop computer is overloaded with so much heavy software or even lightweight software, there is a tendency that a large volume of RAM will be consumed.

If you are using a Little RAM or insufficient RAM, you could imagine the experience you will get.

Similarly, using outdated systems, the experience you get while using Windows 7 starter won’t be the same experience you will get when using Windows 10 or 11. This is a result of regular updates to software performance.

While searching for troubleshooting techniques to fix my Firestick’s slow nature, I came across several reasons I got a slow Firestick.


Conceptual Clarification on Why You Are Getting a Slow Firestick.


Why Firestick is Slow


I wanted to make this descriptive and explanatory, so I avoided the listing and chose the explaining method.

Firestick gets slow as a result of certain factors. These factors, therefore, play a notable role in improving the performance of your Firestick.

Undoubtedly, Firestick works well with sufficient RAM space available. If you are running Firestick on a limited or insufficient RAM space, you will get a lagging Firestick.

You probably need to know how your RAM gets used. Firestick mostly comes with 1g RAM, which is insufficient in mobile and desktop environments.

RAM gets used up though the number of apps Installed on Firestick. When you install many apps, plus the default apps Installed by Amazon, you get your RAM space eaten up.

While using Firestick, it is very important to track down the number of apps you download. Less productive apps should not be considered.

This is because they are more likely to use the available space provided.

Another reason I have found that can reduce performance on your Firestick is Overheating devices.

Specifically, this was one of the problems I faced.

My Firestick stick was getting intensified. It was extremely hot, so I became uncomfortable.

Firestick overheats when used for a long time. Using your Firestick, ensure you try to take a break while using your Firestick.

Another issue that can result in your Firestick overheating is opening too many apps. I do run close to 6 apps in the foreground.

Therefore, the number of apps running in the foreground can also determine your Firestick speed.

Firesticks capable of running multitasking can result in some apps working in the background and consuming a large amount of RAM unknowingly.

Initially, when you open more than one app on Firestick, all apps become opened, even though you aren’t on that particular ent. 

It is very important to note that background apps also eat a large portion of RAM  In your Firestick.

Another issue that I found was, Using an Outdated firestick. If you have some technical background, you would have Concord with this problem.

Using Outdated firesticks, less optimize performance in your Firestick. Developers of Firestick always try to ensure each iteration has some way of performance improvement.

These are the most common issues I found that can make your Firestick slow


How to Fix Firestick Running Slow


Knowing why you are getting a slow Firestick, I will explain several troubleshooting techniques that I have used.

These techniques should be strictly followed to completely save your Firestick from a state of laggyness and crashes.


How to Fix Firestick Running Slow


Uninstall Unused Apps


You might be wondering why I placed this first. The first troubleshooting technique I did. 

First, I scanned through all my apps to figure out less productive apps and not used frequently.

Then I started uninstalling and deleting them; after doing this, some RAM was freed…

I will also suggest you try this troubleshooting technique; first, this creates a space to free your RAM.


How To uninstall the app in Firestick is as follows:


  • Step 1: Click on menu> Settings
  • Step 2: Select Applications
  • Step 3: Choose one of the options ‘Manage Installed Applications
  • Step 4: A list of apps installed on your Firestick stick will be displayed; select the particular unused app(s).
  • Step To install the app, click on ‘uninstall’ to install the app, and ignore warning messages.


Clear Cache of Unused Apps:


A cache is a storage space used to store temporary data; a cache plays a role in improving performance.

While I have always suggested scrutinizing your Apps list. Apps that are not useful, and you probably do not want to delete them.

You may also want to clear Data files for them, and Data files are files created while interacting with a particular App.


How to clear cache files in Firestick

  • Step 1: Ensure all application is closed
  • Step 2: Navigate to Menu > Settings
  • Step 3: ‘Click on Manage Installed Applications’, and you will see a list of all apps in your Firestick.
  • Step 4: Select an app which you want to clear its cache, and click on ‘Clear cache’ 
  • This method clears the cache of a particular App. Ensure you know what you are doing.


Use the Original Power Adapter


You need to ensure the USB adapter been used is from the provider (Amazon). Ensure you are using the designated adapter for your Firestick.

If you got your adapter spoiled or broken, you could purchase a new one in the Amazon store.


Restarting Firestick


When Firestick gets overheated or lagging while using it, you probably need to restart your Firestick while using it.

This is done to free up all apps working in the background, delete all cache or temporary files stored, and fix bugs.


How  to restart Firestick

  • Step 1: Go to Menu > Settings
  • Step 2: Click on My FireTV
  • Step 3: Select ‘Restart’, and click on the ‘Restart Button’


Factory Reset


Well, I personally do not suggest this method of troubleshooting laggy issues in your Firestick.

Haven tried all the above troubleshooting techniques, and still yet having a laggy Firestick, you may wish to factory reset your Firestick.

As I suggest, do not choose this at first.

Because factory resetting your Firestick will delete Downloaded files and apps, restore your Firestick to the default state when purchased.

How to factory reset your Firestick

  • Step 1: Go to Menu> Settings
  • Step 2: Click on the My Fire TV section
  • Step 3: Click on Reset to Factory Defaults
  • Step 4: ignore warning messages, and click on the reset button.


Why Does My FireStick Keep Freezing And Buffering? 


Firestick buffering is mostly caused by poor internet connection.

To buffer SD videos, you only need about 5-7Mbps, while 10-12Mbps for HD video and 25Mbps for 4k Video.


What Is a Clear Cache in Firestick?


Clearing cache on Firestick is undoubtedly a lifesaver to apps, clearing of cache removes all temporary data and files used.

Once an app is getting too slow, and showing some errors, you certainly need to clear the cache associated with that app.


Resetting your Firestick


I do not advise resetting your app, except for special reasons, maybe selling your Firestick to another person, or purposefully wanting to delete all apps from your Firestick.

In another case, you should ensure to know what you’re doing. The term Factory Reset isn’t a try and guess something.


What is the Most Current Firestick?


Using the latest Firestick no doubt improves performance and speed, the latest Firestick is The Firestick 4K MAX, which was released on October 7th, 2021.

This version is relatively fast and provides a CPU speed of 1.8GHz, making it extremely fast.


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While everyone loves to see his\her Firestick performance reliable, sometimes this may not be supposed to be.

Using your Firestick, most especially for a long time, can create a space where it starts performing slowly and talking time to launch apps. If this article is worthwhile to you, do not forget to drop a comment below.

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