How I Fixed My Electric Oven Won’t Turn on But Burners Work


There are quite a lot of time-to-time cases that come up with an electric oven especially when it begins to wear off. Your electric oven might need resetting for not working properly, you will need to have the troubleshooting guide to that without making mistakes.

Once your electric oven won’t turn on but burners still work just fine, you will need to check your wire connection and sensor panel. There are plenty of possible reasons like the control or relay board which will all be discussed here shortly.


Why are Electric Stove Burners and Oven Not Working


Why are Electric Stove Burners and Oven Not Working


All electrical appliances wear off with time and most of the reasons are faulty wire connections, burnt wires, or a blown thermal fuse. Lack of regular maintenance can also cause an electric stove burner and oven not to work or function properly.

A major and most important part of an electric stove burner is the control board, where all electronics are displayed, showing temperature settings. Damage to this electronic board will stop an electric stove burner and oven from working completely.

A loose or burnt wire connection can stop your electrical appliances from turning on or may cause them to malfunction. Poorly fixed wire can cause your burner to not turn on, so be sure to fix your wires correctly, and change all burnt and damaged wire if you have to.



How I Fixed My Electric Oven Won’t Turn on but Burners Work


How I Fixed My Electric Oven Won't Turn on but Burners Work


To turn your oven On, you have to be sure that the oven is supplied with the correct electric power it needs. You can do that by turning one of the burners on which will glow red, indicating that the oven is getting quite enough voltage needed to start it up.

A loose or burnt wire connection could also be the reason your electric oven won’t turn on, while on some models a blown thermal fuse could be the problem. Thermal fuse damage may be due to high temperature, use a multimeter to check if your thermal fuse needs replacement.

A defective thermostat or sensor helps control the current circulation, shutting the oven down once the current level is too high. The oven will not turn on at all once the sensor is defective, also check the oven control board for any malfunctioning signs.



Electric Oven Troubleshooting Guide


On most electrical ovens, three things control the oven turning On which shall be talked about shortly. All-electric ovens do have troubleshooting guides that help explain how the oven should be operated and the possible easy ways to solve minor problems.


The control board of all electrical appliances had been the major control area for their daily activities carried out. Control boards are on the control panel just at the very top, with three round burners at the right top and a display screen at the center of the panel.

From the board, all power supplies move straight to the element where most heating works are carried out in all electrical appliances. Ensure that your stove is getting enough current supply which is a total of 240 Volt and once turned on it will glow red showing it is getting enough voltage.


Why is My Oven Not Getting Up to Temperature?


Why is My Oven Not Getting Up to Temperature?


Reasons, why your oven is not getting enough temperature, could be a fault with the temperature sensor inside the oven. Once the temperature sensor inside the oven is not working properly, it will cause the oven not to heat up properly giving low temperature than required.

Check your temperature oven and be sure is free of any surrounding pressure that will stop it from picking accurate measurements. Check your heating elements, thermal fuse, thermostat, and impellers, be sure all are properly fixed and ready for a cooking cycle.

To test the current reading of an oven, all you need is an oven thermometer and you will get to know if the oven reading is correct or not. Not having a normal oven reading can mean many things, could be a blown thermal fuse, a damaged board, an impaired heating element e.t.c.


How Do I Know if a Fuse is Blown-in My Oven?


There have been few complications when it comes to checking to know if a thermal fuse is blown in an oven. Some experts can say by physical view if a thermal fuse is blown or not, others can still say without having to see any physical signs but by the way the oven malfunctions.

Usually, the metal fusible link of the fuse will appear broken and blackened showing dark burnt areas all over the fuse. In some cases, one will have to open up the fuse and check using a multimeter and run a continuity test with the meter on the oven to confirm.

A blown fuse is usually indicated by a shortage of electrical components, Overheating, or improper ventilation. You can use a digital or an analog to run a continuity test on your fuse by placing each probe on each side of the fuse to check the readings on your multimeter.


How Do You Reset an Electric Oven?


How Do You Reset an Electric Oven


To reset an electric oven, you first of all need to turn off the circuit breaker or better still remove the fuse from the power source. This is done to avoid all chances of electrocution, it’s a safety caution that every needs not to forget each time they wish to reset electrical appliances.


Turn back your circuit breaker On or install another fuse to reset the power supply unit to the even before switching On. All electronic control will be reset back to square one and this happens to be the major solution to most minor problems with most electrical appliances.


How Do You Fix an Oven That Won’t Turn On?


To know how to fix an oven that won’t turn on, you will need to know what is making it not turn on first. A faulty spark electrode can stop your oven from turning On, weakened igniter will need to be replaced after you must have a test continuity test.

A loose or burnt wire connection could also be the cause and might need to be fixed if loose or replaced if burnt completely. Check your thermostat for any malfunctioning signs and also check the control or relay board to replace it if damaged completely.



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Faulty burners aren’t the only problem stopping an electric stove burner and oven from turning on and functioning properly. There are cases with an Electric Oven not Turning on but Burners are still Working just fine, read this article for troubleshooting guides.

Your oven might be working but not producing enough electric current which is no doubt due to a faulty or blown fuse. Heating Elements are also a contributing factor most of the time, so pay full attention to what you read in this post.

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