Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks Your Location?


Life360 is an app that helps to track the location of a person with his or her consent. With the rising issue of security is very important for you to know the location of your loved ones. In this article, I’ll be showing you how you can keep track of your partner using the Life360 app.


Below are things you should know about life360 before using it

  • This app doesn’t show when someone checks your permission. After you’ve permitted the third user.
  • Life360 app allows you to gain access to other people’s locations, this is the real-time location of users, but this is possible if the user has permitted you to access his/her location.
  • If the app is installed on your phone without your permission, it is very difficult to know that you are being tracked. Since everything is done without your permission and your location will be updated in real-time.


This app can be used to monitor your teen or children, and know where they are at a time. This app is not created to invade one’s privacy. This app was created to help keep in check loved ones’ location and help reduce the risk of insecurity in the world today.



Does Life360 Tell You When Someone Checks Your Location?


Yes, life360 can alert you when someone checks your location, but this depends on the distance factor between your phone and the person that checked. If there are multiple checks at the same time, the life360 app will pick the closer check by distance and report to you.


What Does The Green Dot On Life360 Mean?


The green dot on the life360 app signifies the current location of the user on the map. This is a very useful app that you can use to keep checks on family members. It will help to locate people in critical situations and offer them help.


What Does Colored Circles Mean On Life360?


As we already know that this app helps to keep in check your real-time location and is best for family use. The colored circle shows each user on the life360 app in their current location. This involves when they are good and at risk. If the green dot is outside the colored circle, then the person is at risk and needs help. If they are inside the circle, they’re good.


Can You Tell IF a User Is Active On Life360 App?


Yes, it is possible to tell if a user is active on their life360 app. If the person is on their app, the blue dot will be moving when they’re moving. This app also shows full details of how many hours the person has been active on the life360 app if they’re at home and the exact location.


How To Use Life360 On Someone With Them Knowing?


There are a lot of things involved in using the life360 app with the knowledge of the second person. If you don’t tell them you’re violenting their human right and invading their privacy.

But yes, you can use the life360 app without the second party knowing. This means that you’ve to install the app without their knowledge on their phone. Enhance, you can’t communicate with them from the app. This will serve like you’re spying on them, get to know their location. I advise you to talk with them and see if they are comfortable and discuss terms of use.



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Is It Possible To See How Many Times Someone Check Your Location?


This is the question that many people ask daily concerning the life360 app. Is it possible to see how many times someone checks your location? Life360 app doesn’t gather this information. This implies that the number of times someone checks on you can’t display on your end.


How To Tell If Someone Is Walking On Life360 App


Once the life360 app is installed and downloaded on user’s phone, you can check if they are walking. The blue dot signifies the person will be moving, then check the speed at which the person is moving to know if the person is walking or with a car.



Hope you’ve gotten what it means to use the life360 app? This app helps you to know the location of your loved ones. This app is created to fight the issue of security and keep tap of where your loved ones are.

It is very simple, just download the app and install it on your loved one phone. Then, sign in and enable sharing from settings. Make sure that sharing is to your life360 account. Then you can keep taps of your loved ones.

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