Does Facebook Show Who Views Your Videos?


Facebook is such a social media that is constantly changing based on feedback from users and people around the globe. Maybe meta will soon let users see who watched their videos after the live stream is over.

Apart from the above information, do you want to get the information about if Facebook shows how to view your videos or not? So to get the information, you need to read this article to the end to get the information in full.


Does Facebook Show Who Views Your Videos


Does Facebook Show Who Views Your Videos


You can only see who is watching your Facebook live videos during the broadcast and after the stream is over. You can see how many people watched the video after but you can’t see their names.

Also, you can be able to check how many people reacted to your video, commented on it, and shared the videos. So note that the stats are available for you with at least one hundred and above views.

In addition to the above features, you can also check how many times your video was watched in its total length. And also the number of times the video was watched for at least three seconds time.


Can You See Who Views Your Facebook Story


Yes, actually you can possibly view all your Facebook friends or other users that have viewed the post that you uploaded on your story. It will as well indicate the actual time and how many people viewed it.

Simply in the stories section at the top of the feed, click on your story, and click the bottom left of the photo or video in your story. Then you will be able to view your story and see who viewed your story but if nothing shows then none has viewed it.


Why Can’t I See Who Viewed My Post on Facebook?


To be sincere with you, normally you cannot see who viewed your Facebook post for your regular prime. Should in case you want to know more about who viewed your Facebook post in a group, that’s possible with the Facebook insight tab.

With the help of the Facebook insight tab that is located at the top right-hand corner of your Facebook page. You can select the Facebook insight screen at the location and from there you see who viewed your post.


How to See Video Views on Facebook Mobile


Actually for you to see video views on Facebook mobile is such a simple thing, once you share any video as public. The number of views and those that view the video will be displayed below the video posted.

To see video views or posts on Facebook mobile in a simple way, open your Facebook application and open the menu on Facebook. Scroll down to the settings and privacy option at the location.

You will find a new feature that is called privacy shortcuts, from there you search for the option who viewed my Facebook posts and videos, and you are done. This guide will help you see how ever see your Facebook posts or videos.


How Can Someone View My Facebook Story Anonymously?


There are many reasons that can influence someone’s reasons as to why they want to be seen on Facebook. Maybe they are looking for a job and don’t want their boss to know about their social media presence, or maybe they have a secret crush on someone and don’t want them to know who they are.

There is no way to view your Facebook story anonymously, but there is a way to hide your identity when you post something. The easiest way is by using the “Unlisted” option when posting something on Facebook. This will only show up in your friends’ feeds, which means that nobody else can see it unless they know the link to it.


Can You See How Many Times Someone Viewed Your Facebook Story?


The number of views on your Facebook story can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the post and looking in the upper right-hand corner.

Facebook stories have only been around for about 2 years but it’s still pretty new to some people and others are still getting to understand how it works. The feature is one that extends how Facebook works by giving users the opportunity to post a photo or video to their timeline, with the option of adding text or drawing on the image.

The Facebook story is only available for 24 hours, and viewers can see how many times someone has viewed their story. According to Facebook, when it first adopted the feature, it is supposed to be means through which users can communicate with friends or family, rather than as an advertising tool.


Does Facebook Tell You if Someone Saves Your Picture?


Facebook allows its users to share their thoughts, photos, and videos with their friends. The Facebook app has a feature that lets you know when someone saves your picture.

Facebook does not have any feature that lets you know when someone on Facebook saves your picture. It does not matter whether it’s someone on your friend’s list or not, your picture can be saved by anyone without your knowledge.

However, tagging can also save as a means of keeping track of someone’s photos or videos. So anyone on Facebook can tag themselves to your picture or request you tag them if you have restricted tagging.



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In conclusion, you can only see who is watching your Facebook live videos during the broadcast and after the stream is over. You can see how many people watched the video after but you can’t see their names.

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