Does Apple Show Airdrop History?


Airdrop is a secure network that Apple created to send files such as photos, videos, or documents between Apple devices. With airdrop on your Apple device, you will be able to send files very easily and quickly between these same brand devices of probably different models.

So here in this article, we shall get to learn a few things about airdrop but first, are you curious to know if Apple show or keep airdrop history? Most Apps that transfer files between two devices keeps log but the case with airdrop on iPhones is a bit different.


Does Apple Show Airdrop History


Apple devices do not show airdrop history, it is known as an informal method of file exchange between Apple devices. It is an amazing feature known to only iOS devices and is known to have no historical records of the files transferred or received between iOS users.

Apple devices do not keep a log or history of AirDrop transfers, so one cannot check the history of files sent or received through AirDrop. If you are so obsessed about tracking down the history or log of transfers between Apple devices then trust me you will eventually find nothing.


What is Sysdiagnose Airdrop History


A sysdiagnose is a program on many iOS devices that can be used to put together iOS diagnostic information. There has been a documentary on sysdiagnose collecting a large amount of data from a wide array of locations on most iOS devices all over.

Sysdiagnose Airdrop history is information you need, precisely logs of transfer through Airdrop although accessible but not for long. All thanks to this utility program iPhone users can now check their transfer logs long as it’s within a 24 hours range and anything more than that is no longer valid.


Where Can I Find Sysdiagnose Airdrop History


Many iOS device users see sysdiagnose as a troubleshoot to most of their No Airdrop History problems. A sysdiagnose is a utility program run on most iOS devices, you can find this function in your iOS device settings but will guidance to be able to use this feature.

To find your sysdiagnose Airdrop history files first is to go to your iPhone settings, and navigate to your privacy option. Next is to click on the Analytics & improvements option, then you click on the Analytic Data and then scroll down to find the sysdiagnose Airdrop history files you looking for.


How to Check Airdrop History on Ipad


You can’t check your airdrop history on an iPad as there is no history or log of airdrop activities anywhere on an iOS device. You don’t need to be in each other’s contact list to be able to exchange files using airdrop on an iOS device.

Your answer is a NO, up to date, there hasn’t been a single person who has been able to bridge the wall with this question. Teenagers have adapted the method of bulk file transfer using adults for a very long time now but none has for once come across any airdrop transfer history.


Can You See Airdrop Sent History


AirDrop does not keep a history or log of these transactions so you can audit them afterward, it is so for all iOS devices. So you can’t see your airdrop history nor will you see the one who sent you the file as this function does not keep any tracking records.

Although airdrop doesn’t keep a track record of files sent or received, iPhone users can adjust AirDrop settings to control who they send or receive files from. Though they control who they can send files to or receive files from, they still won’t have any transfer log.


How to Clear Airdrop History on Iphone


You need not stress yourself when dealing with airdrop, you won’t even have a transfer history not to talk of deleting them. Once a file is it a picture, video, or a document has been sent or received through airdrop there will be no record left to delete.

There is no how to clear airdrop history on iPhone as all records are designed by default to go missing just after every airdrop transfer. You can only access the files you were sent in the folder allocated for received files but not transfer history.


How to Find Airdrop History on Iphone


AirDrop on all iOS devices does not need to be on the office network or local public hotspot because they set up their discrete wireless connection. Although a connection like this requires both Bluetooth and wifi settings to be toggled on.

This makes it totally impossible to find airdrop history on iPhone and as well any other iOS device you could think of. The Bluetooth when switched ON will help with the local discovery of other devices while the WiFi direct is used for the transfer of files between iOS devices.


How to Check Airdrop History on Mac


There has been a discovery lately that AirDrop history is stored within the sysdiagnose history archive on iOS devices. These logs are said to contain useful information files transferred to and from the device through AirDrop depending on the phone model you are using.

Although these logs only show data that aren’t more than a few days to a week or 2 which makes time a very important factor. Other than that, there is no record of how one can check airdrop history on a Mac, an iPhone, iPad, or any iOS operating device.


How to See Airdrop Photos


Being able to view the file content you received or sent via airdrop is very possible, the difficult thing is about the history. So any file you sent or received using AirDrop will appear in their respective application folder without you having to choose a location.

To see your AirDrop photos, you will have to check in the Photos app which is where all received airdrops are automatically saved by default. The same goes for the video and documents files which should be saved in the video app and documents app respectively.


How Do I Check My Airdrop Messages?


Airdrop runs with active Bluetooth, so you need to toggle on your Bluetooth device the same goes for the second party. Proximity to each other will do just fine a notification message will display on your phone’s screen giving you two options to pick only one.

To check these AirDrop notification messages, swipe down your phone home screen from up down to view. Tap on the airdrop notification message and selects the “Accept” option to receive the airdrop or “Decline” to reject the airdrop from being received.


How Do I Delete Airdrop Files from My Iphone?


You can delete airdrop files from your iPhone but what you don’t have access to delete is the transfer history. All airdrop history was by default made to go missing without you having to delete anything, so to say airdrop does not keep any history records on iPhone.

To delete airdrop files from an iPhone you start by deleting the file app from the phone, this will delete the content inclusive. You can trace the record of received files from the iCloud on your iMac but advisably copy them first before deleting them in Incase you might still need them.


How Do I Airdrop Photos Anonymously?


What you need to know is that there is no animosity with airdrop, the receiver will have to Accept the incoming airdrop. All iOS devices have it by default that declined AirDrop file being it a photo, video or a document won’t be received if not accepted by the receiver.

But one thing about sending and receiving files on airdrop is that there is no historical record left to keep track of. You can’t access to know who was it that sent you a file once the transfer is complete nor will the sender have the airdrop history saved to his device.


Where Do Airdrop Photos Go Iphone?


All iPhone airdrop files photos, videos or documents do all have their default storage locations. You need not choose any location before your received airdrop can get saved on your iOS device, so that’s not much of a problem to get disturbed with at all.

All airdrop photos received on the iOS device go to the photo app folder on the iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device. To access any received airdrop photos on your iPhone, you will have to find the photo app on your iPhone, there you will see all photos you received.


Where Do Airdrop Videos Go on Iphone?


An airdrop video received on an iOS device goes to the video app folder on the iPhone, iPad, or any other iOS device. To access any received airdrop videos on your iPhone, you will have to find the video app on your iPhone, there you will see all videos you must have received.

Videos transferred through Airdrop are automatically saved in the iPhone’s video folder and not in the photo or documents app folders. This is to show that all incoming files are received and saved to their corresponding folders; photos to the photo app folder, videos to the video app folder, and so on.



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There is nothing like an Apple Airdrop history record neither on the receiver’s side nor the side of the sender. By default, all Apple files sent or received through AirDrop are meant to go missing leaving no trace without having to delete them yourself.

Apple does not Show Airdrop History, there are no records of the sender either, all received files through Airdrop are saved automatically. You can be able to view file content received via Airdrop but not the transfer history, so feel free to ask anything in our comment box below.

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