Chromecast for Samsung TV (How To Install & Use It)


Samsung’s smart TV virtually eliminates the need for external wireless connections actually on the device. With the push of a button, you stream your favorite kind of movies and shows.

Not only about the Chromecast for Samsung TV, but you can also even mirror your mobile device’s screen onto your big screen. While Chromecast comes pre-installed on many Samsung smart TVs.


Chromecast for Samsung TV


How To Install Chromecast for Samsung TV


If you have a standard model, you will first need to plug on your Chromecast to a power source and your TV’s HDMI slot. Then, download the google home application and follow the prompts provided.

As noted, if you opted for Chromecast for Samsung TV, it may already come as pre-installed with the Chromecast application. And to see if your product has the feature consult your user manual.


Chromecast for Samsung TV


With that being said, if your Chromecast is separate from your TV and here are some of the specific steps to take to install the device:

  1. To set up your Chromecast, you first plug in your Chromecast.
  2. Then insert the micro-USB cable into the Chromecast and connect the charging block to an outlet.
  3. Here, your Chromecast will come with an HDMI cable that you can directly plug into your TV.
  4. You can now download the google home application on the google play store or the application store.
  5. Once you reach this stage, you are now in the home stretch, and to complete the set-up process, just navigate to the google home screen.
  6. From there, select the + symbol, click or tap the setup device and choose the new device.
  7. At this point, follow the prompts on the screen but depending on Chromecast, it may ask you to enter your WiFi credentials along with other relevant information and done.

With aid of the above information, you will now be able to download the Chromecast for that your Samsung TV. As well as installation and making use of it will be done from the information as well.


Do Samsung Televisions Support Chromecast?


Chromecast is pre-installed on a large number of Samsung smart televisions as the case may be. So about if the Samsung televisions can actually support the Chromecast application.

Then if you have a standard model type of device, you must first connect your Chromecast to a power source. Along with that the television’s HDMI port together with the power of Chromecast.

So there is very possible for you to make your Samsung televisions support the Chromecast application. So with the help of the above information, make use of it and get it done on your mobile device.


What Is the Best Way to Use Chromecast on My Samsung Smart Tv?


The smart view application allows you to be able to cast into that of your Samsung Tv successfully. So when you launch the Samsung smart view application, a list of all the devices to which you can cast your content will appear.

You can choose your television from the drop-down menu that appears on your screen to get the best one. After that, you may be promoted to allow connection or enter a pin code.

And among others steps to take in the process, you now select the content that you want to see displayed on the television. This is the best way for you to use Chromecast on your Samsung smart TV.


How Do I Set up Chromecast on My Television


This is the place where you will be guided on how you will be able to do the setup of your Chromecast on your television. With little or few procedures or steps, you will be able to make it happen.

So for you to get the set up of your Chromecast application to that of your television then you should follow the above steps:

  1. You will first download and install Chromecast or Chromecast ultra and connect to your Chromecast.
  2. Also, you will need to install the google home application on your Chromecast-enabled android device.
  3. You can now launch the google home application.
  4. After which you will need to follow the instructions that pop up but if you can’t find it for setting up your Chromecast then ignore it and move on to the next.
  5. Now the installation has gone well. By now you have finished the process.

Note: For you to get them set up correctly, make sure that you follow the process and instructions the way it is. Now that you have gotten what you want, you should try and share with others thanks.



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For Chromecast for Samsung TV, as earlier said Samsung’s smart TV virtually eliminates the need for external wireless connections actually on the device. While Chromecast comes pre-installed on many Samsung smart TVs.

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