How to Upgrade From el Capitan to High Sierra

How to Upgrade From el Capitan to High Sierra

I welcome you to my article once more my dear friend, knowing how to upgrade from El Capitan to high sierra is important. I will be sharing with you a very little but important secret that will help you in your journey.

I will show you how to how to upgrade to high sierra Mac, how to install high sierra on an older Mac, and a few more. You should be able to upgrade from Yosemite to high sierra through a Mac high sierra download on your Mac.

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How To Buy More Storage on iPhone Not iCloud

how to buy more storage on iphone not icloud

How to buy more storage on iPhone not iCloud will be discussed in this article as you read on carefully. We welcome you to our website, where you will learn more about that difficult task you find hard to accomplish.

Some have gone along to buy a new phone because how to buy more storage on iPhones not iCloud isn’t clear to them. But with the help of our article, you’ll learn it most easily.

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Good Difference Between Android And iOS 2020

Good Difference Between Android And iOS

Welcome to this website, where you will get to know the difference between android and iOS or iPhone vs android 2020. But before that, let’s enlighten you on how iOS and android work.



The iOS is the operating system created by Apple inc. for mobile device. The iOS is used in many of the mobile devices for apple such as:

  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • iPad and etc.

The iOS is used a lot and only lags behind Android in terms of popularity.


Android is an operating system developed by Google for mobile system based on Linux kernel and mainly designed for touchscreen devices such as tablets and smartphones.

The android architectural divided into four main layers and five sections. While the iOS architecture is layered. It contains an intermediate layer between the applications the hardware so they do not communicate directly.

The lower layers in iOS provide the basic services and the higher layers provide the users interface sophisticated graphics.

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When Will iPhone 7 Be Obsolete?

When Will iPhone 7 Be Obsolete

Welcome, I guess you want to know when will iPhone 7 be obsolete, this is a page that you need because it will not only help you but also guide you on many issues concerning your device. This page is full of importance because it is attached with many benefits.

On this page, you will learn a lot of this that will help you concerning your phone mobile device, and other devices that you may be using. It will also be of help to other people especially your family and friend as you share it with them.

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How To Update Iphone 6 To iOS 13 With Ease

How To Update Iphone 6 To iOS 13

Learn how to update iphone 6 to ios 13, Is ios 13 compatibility With iPhone Six, Step By Step Guide To update iphone 6 to ios 13, iphone software update download, What is the latest ios version for iphone 6, ios 13 download link and so on…

So, ios 13 introduces a bold new look with major updates to the apps that you use every day, which is new ways to help you protect your privacy. It is also an improvement across the entire system that makes your iphone even faster and more delightful to make use of.

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