Can You See Who Views Your VSCO? Yes – See How


Looking for an app where many will appreciate your effort and even comment on them? VSCO is that app. VSCO is a free app for both Android devices and iPhone users though with very limited access to filters, want more filters? Then pay for extra special treatment.

VSCO is a social media platform purposely built to edit photos and you can’t really say who visits your profile. The main reason for all this is just because the app does not keep track, so you can’t see who views your VSCO 2022.


Can You See Who Views Your VSCO 2022


Can You See Who Views Your VSCO


VSCO is a well-known online service that allows you to display your artwork skill to the entire public. A lot of people out there will get to view your work and even get pressed by your art skills but the real question here is, can you see who views your VSCO 2022? 

The answer is NO, you can’t see who actually did view your VSCO profile picture or nor will you get to see any comment. The VSCO app was designed not to have a like nor a comment section and so no one will know if you viewed their profile, nor will you know if others viewed yours. 

Just know that you can’t see who views your VSCO nor will others know if you view theirs Even if they checked. Even as a photo and video editing app, VSCO does have no like nor comment features and one can’t really detect who views their profile or not. 

For you to make use of a VSCO app, you will need to create an account and choose a page that will display your profile and edits publicly. You can choose the image you wish to edit and post from your phone’s Gallery, you will be redirected to an editing page where you will do all your artwork.


How to See Who Views Your VSCO


To know how to see who views your VSCO is very important but just so you know, you can’t know who viewed your VSCO. Although the VSCO service was specifically designed to edit photos, it still doesn’t give room to know who viewed your profile or edits no matter how much you try.

In the same way, you can’t say if your profile is viewed or not, others won’t equally know if you viewed their profile or edits. The main reason for all this is just because the app does not keep track of all artwork and also there is no provision for a like button and as well no provision for comment section.

But for the record, it is very much possible to follow other users and reshare their images, without them knowing what you have done. With VSCO you won’t have to get too obsessed about your likes count, and followers count, and just know that your post will surely get to the masses out there.

For those of us who use our Facebook account, we get to receive a like and a comment for anything we post. That’s because the platform was designed to have a like button and a comment section for all that, very unfortunate the VSCO service does not provide its users with such features.


Can You See Who Screenshots Your VSCO


Can you see who screenshots your VSCO? Well, unlike other social media platforms, NO, you can see who screenshots your VSCO. VSCO does not have screenshots notification, so you won’t know if someone screenshots your profile or edits, and is not like they will come to tell you what they did.

There is nothing wrong with making a screenshot, in fact, it is a normal feature designed by default for all devices. But guess what? If after they post that image on the internet, then you try to check the Reverse Search on that particular image to confirm if it’s a screenshot from your page.

So just so you know everyone, users will not know if you screenshot their profiles at all nor will they know if you screenshot their edits. VSCO is a free app but with a limited free filter for your edition work but you can always get extra special filters and that’s if you pay for them.

VSCO app is truly great, as you won’t have to go through so much just for a like or a comment from the public. People will view your profile and see your edits and appreciate them but won’t be given room to comment at all, which somehow has lessened the level of competition on the ground already.


What Does It Mean When Someone Favorites Your Image on Vsco


VSCO has a “Fave” button on the bottom-right corner of the screen while viewing a photo. This button can be used to favorite or heart a photo. Having a photo means that the user wants to see more content from the original poster in their feed, which will then show up on their profile page.

The act of favoriting an image on VSCO is a way to say that the photo is great and you want to see more from this photographer. Most people think of favoriting an image as a form of validation or appreciation for the photographer.

It is also a way for the person who favorited the photo to keep track of their favorite photos on VSCO. When someone favorites your photo, it can be seen as flattering, but it can also feel like they are stalking you or are trying to get something from you.


When You Block Someone on Vsco Can They Still See Your Pictures?


No. Once you block someone on VSCO, they will no longer be able to see your pictures. In order to block someone on VSCO, you just have to tap the three dots in the top right corner of their profile and then tap Block.


How Do You Block Someone From Seeing Your Vsco?


You can also follow and unfollow other users on VSCO and see their posts in your feed. Another thing you can do is to block users that you feel you don‘t need or want to stop from seeing your pictures.

If you want to block someone from seeing your Vsco posts, go to their profile and click on the three dots next to the “Follow” button.

Click “Block User” and they will no longer be able to see your posts or follow you back.



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As a photo and video editing app, you still can’t See Who Views Your VSCO 2022 nor will others know if you viewed theirs. VSCO does have no like button nor even a comment section, so no matter how much you adore a post, you can’t express that to the one that posted it.

Thought VSCO is not any less good than most of these social media platforms that allow you to like and comment on a post. Take your time and go through this whole article and feel free to say what your view is in the comment box below. Thank You.

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