Best 10 Free Chromecast Games To Download


Many people limit their thinking about Chromecasting to only videos, music, and photos without looking closely. What do you think will become of us? The game freaks; we can’t be taken out of the bigger picture just like that.

Like everyone who does stream for videos to watch, music to listen to, and photos to keep them busy, there are games. Do you want to know the best Chromecast games to download? Then read this article till the very end, my friend.


Free Chromecast Games To Download


Best Chromecast Games to Download


A list of the best Chromecast games to download will be my major focus area for everyone interested. You can stream Chromecast video games for free here the same way you do when casting a video, music, or photo.


Here is a list of possibly the ten best Chromecast games for you to download:

  1. Google Stadia
  2. Wordcast.
  3. Tricky Titans
  4. Just Dance Now
  5. Deer Hunter 2018.
  6. Math Arcade Chromecast Games
  7. Alien Invaders
  8. DrawParty.
  9. PictoParty
  10. GamingCast


Free Chromecast Games To Download


There are quite a lot of options for you here to choose from for both free games and paid VIP channel video games. If games are the only word running through your skull, then I assure you that you are very lucky to have Chromecast 

Have you ever tried playing a video game on a large screen? Or has your entire experience been on a small screen? Regardless, with Chromecast, you can connect to your Smart TV and even to your standard TV using your Android phone.


Is Chromecast Good For Gaming?


I will not just say that Chromecast is only good for gaming. I should be saying that it is the very best for gaming. I have tried playing games on my Android phone and my PC, and trust me, and it was worth it all along.

But imagine you are playing a game on a much larger screen than your Android phone and PC combined. But I will suggest that you check the compatibility of cast-enabled apps before downloading, as some apps aren’t compatible with every platform. 

Some may only be compatible with Android, some with iOS, and some with both, so be sure which one you are downloading for which. Regardless, you can still end up connecting to your TV, so just sit back while you do so and enjoy the thrill.


Can You Download Games on Chromecast?


Can You Download Games on Chromecast?


Streaming games from your phone or tablet over Wi-Fi to your Chromecast is not the only thing you can experience. Follow me as I show you the most interesting aspect involved with Chromecast cast and how to feel among.

Apart from Google Play Store, you can visit other stores and sites to get Chromecast compatible videogames. You can also visit the “official” Google Store (product store) and head to your mobile device’s Chromecast product section. 

You will find quite a few apps listed specifically designed for Chromecast to choose any. Tap on any game from the list using your smartphone or tablet to make your choice and connect to your large screen for a better view.

Do you know that you can even play a Play Store video game on Chromecast due to the access Chromecast has to play store? Chromecast alone and Google TV both have great access to the play store, allowing them to run a play store game.


Can You Play Mario Kart on Chromecast?


Yes, you can play Mario Kart on Chromecast. All you have to do is be sure the game you are streaming is compatible. If the device you are making use of is not compatible, I suggest you get an emulator to help you out. 

Thanks to the android product, which happens to be compatible with almost all NES games and runs very ok on phones or tablets. With this, you can play all NES games as long as you have an Android phone and a Google Chromecast.

Not only Mario Kart but also Final Fantasy, Donkey kong, and Shinobi are the list of games you can play on Chromecast. Follow up on this article and pay full attention to what I have here for you long as you want to play Mario Kart on Chromecast.


How Do I Install 3rd Party Apps on Chromecast?


How Do I Install 3rd Party Apps on Chromecast?


With the new developer options on the ground, you can install third-party apps that aren’t available via Google Play on your Chromecast with Google TV. Do you want to know how to install 3rd party apps on Chromecast? Then relax and follow me.

To be able to install an app on Chromecast, you will need to choose the app or game and select the Install button. Then you wait while the app you chose is downloaded and installed on your Chromecast with Google TV for you to lunch.

Once the download and installation are done, you will immediately get an open button to launch the new app. Here are the major steps to follow to install a 3rd party app on Chromecast:

  • Open the app on your Chromecast.
  • Select the browse file.
  • Scroll to the download the directory.
  • Select the APK you transferred in step 3.
  • Click Install Package.
  • Install app.
  • Open the app.


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I trust you all now know how to download games with Chromecast involved and what you need to do to get that done. Not just that, by reading this article, you do know your best Chromecast games to download and how to install them? That’s good.

Follow my article for more updates on Chromecast and the features it will be coming up with next In case of any updates. It is nice to have you here, and you can leave a comment in the comment box below for me to know how you feel and where you need help.

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