Best Free Airplay Apps For Firestick


I have personally admired how AirPlay has been able to spot the differences between iOS and Android devices, especially when it comes to screencasting and mirroring.

Firestick originally is based on an Android operating system, known as Fire OS, making it easy for an Android-based device to be mirrored.

Android-based devices can easily cast their screens to a Smart TV since most smartphones come with an inbuilt Miracast or Chromecast supporting Android devices.

With AirPlay apps, iOS users can easily mirror their screens to Firestick.

However, for the cause of this article, I will be explaining the top-notch and best Airplay apps for Firestick.

While this article is written to expose you to several useful Airplay apps, I will also list expedient features for each Airplay app.

Therefore, if you want to learn how to cast your iOS device to an Amazon Firestick or look for other alternative Airplay apps, do not hesitate to read till the end.


Best Free Airplay Apps For Firestick


Best Airplay Apps for Firestick


By now, you should have a concrete understanding of what Airplay entails and why you will find yourself using them.

I have listed the most powerful and robust screen mirroring app for your Firestick. Most of these apps do support not only iOS devices but also support other devices.


Best Airplay Apps for Firestick


The first Airplay app on our list is



I suggest using this app based on its exclusive functions. ApowerMirror is relatively free and can be used by most iOS devices to cast their screen to Firestick.

ApowerMirror supports other platforms like windows and android.

Another amazing feature of ApowerMirror is screen resolution type; with ApowerMirror, users can set their screen resolution up to 1080p.

ApowerMirror doesn’t require a separate app downloaded for use. It uses a WiFi connection, as long as both devices are implicitly connected on the same network.


If you have no WiFi connection at the moment, ApowerMirror can keep you connected even with a USB cable.

Some features of ApowerMirror are:

  • It supports all iOS and Android devices
  • You can make screenshots and screen recordings
  • HD Quality
  • It lets you connect wirelessly to both devices
  • Users can control PowerPoint slides from their smartphones while making presentations.


AirPlay Mirror Receiver

This is another great interactive Airplay app with amazing features and functionalities. 

AirPlay Mirror Receiver helps you view documents and photos and share YouTube screens.

It is a premium app, and therefore you need to pay an amount of $4.99 before you can have access to it fully, although it comes with a 15 minutes trial after installation.


AirPlay Mirror Receiver supports other Firestick devices such as the Firestick Lite and the Firestick 4K.

Some features of the Airplay Mirror Receiver are:

  • Can cast up to 4 devices on a Go
  • Support slideshow for images.
  • You can share your game screen concurrently while you play your game on your iOS device.
  • The mirroring window can be scaled down and up and moved within the TV screen.
  • Include a passcode to restrict unauthorized users

Airplay mirror receiver doesn’t only support iOS devices; and it can be connected to android devices.


Airplay Apps For Firestick


AirBeam TV

My list won’t be complete without mentioning AirBeam TV, I will say this app is awesome!

AirBeam TV can be used to connect all your iOS devices to Firestick, and it’s free and easy to use.

AirBeam TV can be easily downloaded from the Amazon app store

With AirBeam TV, you can view photos and watch your favorite movies. Using this app requires only a few things,

First, you need to download the AirBeam TV app on your iOS device.

Second, Find the TV on your iOS device, and start broadcasting.


Some features of AirBeam TV are:

  • You don’t need cables to cast your screen
  • Supports for all iOS devices
  • One of the leading Airplay apps to support iOS device
  • You can stream your favorite movies on your iOS device from your Firestick.


TV Mirror

The TV mirror is easy and provides great features for streaming videos on your Firestick.

TV Mirror can be used to watch videos, view photos, and look at spreadsheet workbooks from your Firestick.

TV Mirror is worth trying and could be used to connect your iPad or iPhone easily.


Some features of the TV Mirror are:

  • It can be connected to other streaming devices like Windows PC, Mac, Gaming Consoles, and so on
  • Can be used to stream favorite movie series on the Go
  • Have support for  iPhone and iPad


Air Screen

This is another powerful app that provides limited features. Air Screen is available in the Amazon app store for free.

This app can connect to other streaming devices such as Chromecast, Miracast, etc.


Some features of Air Screen are:

  • Allows you to stream videos or stream photos while transferring files
  • Support Screen Recording
  • Come with an HD 4K resolution
  • Data and files are encrypted.


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Several other Airplay apps are available, but the above listed are my most trusted and best Airplay apps for Firestick.

Airplay apps make it fortunate for iOS apps to be able to cast their screens to Firestick.

I suggest the ApowerMirror because of its exclusive features and play Mirror Receiver, which is worth paying for.

NB: Also, always remember, whatever you are streaming, always use a VPN

However, if this article was helpful to you, do not forget to drop a review.

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